Kane is an immortal somewhat like the Wandering Jew, Kane's character also includes elements of Robert E. Howard's Solomon Kane. He is an immortal, cursed to wander the earth until he is destroyed by the violence that he himself has created.

He sells his loyalty as a fighter to the highest bidder. He is a well-read and intelligent man who has traveled his world for centuries and is able to discuss music, poetry, politics, and many other subjects. He is also amoral and a born killer.

The Kane stories are often classified as tales of sword and sorcery (although Wagner disliked the term), which some critics have compared favourably to those of Howard and Michael Moorcock. The character Kane is considered one of the most memorable and original anti-heroes of heroic fantasy

We have to say the Nightshade editions of the collected Kane were very nice, and we have received the Centipede Press signed limited editions (with slipcase) and they are out of this world.

Karl Edward Wagner:

Wagner created his own mystical and immortal pre-historical anti-hero, Kane, whose name and background are based on traditional conceptions of the biblical Cain. A powerful, left-handed warrior-sorcerer with red hair and blue eyes, the character was described by Wagner as one "who could master any situation intellectually, or rip heads off if push came to shove”.

First edition hardcover  - Bookclub edition also available

First edition hardcover