Area X - The signed edition of Jeff Vandermeer’s 'Southern Reach Trilogy’.

No bones about it - its a weird story, horror/SF blended with a ‘Lost' (TV series) flow of events which we ultimately found unsatisfying.

'Area X—a remote and lush terrain—has been cut off from the rest of the continent for decades. Nature has reclaimed the last vestiges of human civilization. The first expedition returned with reports of a pristine, Edenic landscape; all the members of the second expedition committed suicide; the third expedition died in a hail of gunfire as its members turned on one another; the members of the eleventh expedition returned as shadows of their former selves, and within months of their return, all had died of aggressive cancer.

A new team embarks. As they press deeper into the unknown—navigating new terrain and new challenges—the threat to the outside world becomes more daunting.’

The Complete Borne

Dust jacket illustration by Vasily Polovtsev.

Bestiary illustrated by Eric Nyquist.

In 2017, he followed his groundbreaking Southern Reach Trilogy with the powerful dystopian fantasy, Borne. In The Complete Borne, VanderMeer expands that novel’s original vision through supplementary narratives that enlarge our understanding of his astonishing fictional world.

The centerpiece of this collection is the original novel itself. Borne offers a portrait of a broken, toxic future dominated by three elements: the immense flying bear known as Mord, an elusive figure called simply the Magician, and the remnants of a once powerful organization called The Company.

Into this dying world come Rachel, a woman who survives by scavenging food and discarded “biotech,” and Borne, a bizarre and protean figure unlike any you have ever encountered. Their evolving relationship forms the heart of the novel and leads to a conclusion you will never forget.

Borne is filled with strange, often misbegotten creatures, the products of unchecked Company experiments. In a heavily illustrated supplement called “Teem’s Bestiary,” we learn a great deal about the nature and history of such singular creatures as memory beetles, mudskippers, damsel flies and red salamanders. Of special note is the perhaps mythical creature known simply as “Strange Bird,” the title figure of the harrowing—and deeply affecting—novella that follows.

“Strange Bird” begins with the nameless bird’s escape from a sinister laboratory—the only home she has ever known—into a world of unaccustomed freedom. She is a purely innocent creature searching for love, a sense of purpose, and a place to call home. What she finds is something very different. Her journey through assorted hazards toward an unforeseen transformation has the feel of a tightly compressed epic. Like everything else in this volume, it is original, enthralling, and impossible to forget.

Taken individually, the pieces in this collection all offer their own self-contained pleasures. Taken together, they form a sort of narrative mosaic in which the whole truly is more than the sum of its dazzling parts. The Complete Borne takes us to a world that is grim, frequently frightening, and paradoxically beautiful. This is literary fantasy at its deepest and most developed. It doesn’t get better than this.

Limited: 500 signed numbered hardcover copies

Dead Astronauts by Jeff VanderMeer

Dust jacket and interior illustrations by Kathleen Neeley.

This signed, limited edition will reproduce the unique design elements of the trade hardcover essential to the telling of the story, and also be printed in two colors throughout to make those details further stand out. In addition to the dust jacket, the book will also feature a number of linocut illustrations by Kathleen Neeley tipped in.

“There shall come three humans across the burning sands…”

Grayson, Moss, and Chen are astronauts turned rebels, navigating version upon version of a nameless City created by the villainous, all-powerful Company, familiar to readers as part of the Borne universe. The City is overrun with the results of the Company’s ill-considered experiments. This is a world where a blue fox is an echo across space and time, prophetic. Where a fight in which the duck may or may not be on your side. A leviathan waits, as do other versions of yourself, and a mysterious former comrade known as Charlie X. This is not just one world, but many...and can these worlds be saved?

With Dead Astronauts, Jeff VanderMeer continues to expand and explore the mind-bending world of Borne at the top of his game. Demons, madmen, monsters, and endless twisted wonders await readers brave enough to take this miraculous dark journey.

This edition includes an exclusive bonus section that was trimmed and altered for inclusion in the novel. This is the only chance to see the section as originally written.

Limited: 500 signed numbered hardcover copies, printed in two colors throughout

The Bestiary.

We didn’t get a copy when originally released but could not resist the $25 sale price and so picked up ‘ The Bestjary’ from Centipede Press, which is a modern bestiary of made-up fantastical creatures organized from A to Z, along with an ampersand and an invisible letter, featuring some of the best and most respected fantasists from around the world, including Karen Lord, Dexter Palmer, Brian Evenson, China Miéville, Felix Gilman, Catherynne M. Valente, featuring over 20 full page illustrations by Ivica Stevanovic.

Something special.

Centipede Press Edition Hardcover

First edition hardcover


Dust jacket illustration for Ambergis by Armando Veve.

Dust jacket for Ambergris Appendix by Scott Eagle.

The signed limited edition of Jeff VanderMeer’s signature creation, Ambergris, with an array including the novels, stories, art, and found documents spread across two oversized volumes.

The Appendix includes a new, never before published, 10,000 word section, "The Zamilon File."

You have explored the Southern Reach, now walk the streets of a city like no other.

Between these covers, the cult classic works of Jeff VanderMeer’s Ambergris offer readers a tour de force of language and imagination. In a rich and heady mix of arcane words and unforgettable images, fantastic characters and startling events—in the collection, City of Saints and Madmen, and the novels, Shriek: an Afterword, and Finch—test, then shatter the limits of what speculative fiction can do.

The title city is a place of vivid, terrible beauty, exhibiting sophisticated cruelties and dangers experienced as something approaching art. Following, an afterword as epic, where secrets and obsessions play out on streets above a rising force of a people unlike any other in fantasy fiction.

And finally, in an Ambergris conquered and enslaved, a desperate man seeks the answers to both a crime that may be unsolvable and the troubling mystery of the future of the city itself.

New York Times bestselling author Jeff VanderMeer exhibits his masterful control over chaos and his unparalleled ability to render the bizarre and terrifying as things of beauty. Objects of desire simultaneously promise exaltation and damnation, and startlingly real people play out their fascinating lives in their fascinating city.

Widely recognized as one of the finest practitioners of the fantastic in contemporary fiction, VanderMeer is a three-time recipient of the World Fantasy Award, including one for “The Transformation of Martin Lake,” which forms part of the Ambergris saga presented here. His work found a wider readership with the publication of the Area X novels, and Annihilation was adapted into a major motion picture. But, here, in Ambergris, his boundless imagination is already on full display. Return to where it all began: the city of Ambergris.

Lettered: 52 signed, two volume sets, featuring Bradel bindings, housed in a custom traycase

Limited: 500 signed numbered two volume sets

Jeff  VanderMeer

Ambergris (Ambergris #1-3) by Jeff VanderMeer

From the author of Borne and Annihilation comes the one-volume hardcover reissue of his cult classic Ambergris Trilogy.

Before Area X, there was Ambergris. Jeff VanderMeer conceived what would become his first cult classic series of speculative works: the Ambergris Trilogy. Now, for the first time ever, the story of the sprawling metropolis of Ambergris is collected into a single volume, including City of Saints and Madmen, Shriek: An Afterword, and Finch.