14 December 2020

We’re looking back on a really different year and whilst it wasn’t as tough as 2019 for us, we know many have suffered, so let’s hope that next year is just better all round. We hope to have the new website up when we first post in January but it will be a stretch. In the meantime we go on leave, and between working on said website we hope to relax and enjoy Xmas with family and friends till the New Year.

We really enjoyed ‘The Broken Empire’ trilogy, reminiscent of ‘The Left Hand of God’ by Paul Hoffman. Whilst we’re desperate to read the new Abercrombie and Anthony Ryan books we feel we owe it to the genre to read ‘Rynosseros’, we do hate having gaps in our coverage, it’s great so far... 

We’ve seen ‘Tenet’ and no, it wasn’t great, we enjoyed ‘Honest Thief’ more believe it or not. On the TV front we loved ‘Warrior S02’, and ‘Discovery’ and The Mandalorian’ continue to impress but the best Xmas gift  is the arrival of ‘The Expanse S05’!

All the best for the festive season and the New Year folks, thanks for checking in, we look forward to bigger and better!


10 November 2020

The end of the year rushes towards us, thankfully there has been some good news out of the US and we are starting to manage this Covid thing over here at least, maybe next year we can have book sales once more. We’ve been hard at work with the new site and we’re up to the letter ‘F’, the end of year target seems impossible at this point but we’ll keep at it. We’re at capacity once more, and there simply isn’t room to try and reorder things around again, a solution will be needed soon…

We started ‘The Broken Empire’ trilogy by Mark Lawrence, very good, we’re getting into it, this is our second attempt, we previously just didn’t connect with Jorg, this may not be a turn for the better though.

On the TV front we’re well into 'Star Trek Discovery', 'The Mandalorian', and of course ‘Fargo’

Thats all for now, stay safe!

05 October 2020

Tough times all around us folks, 2020 is certainly piling on the stress and we urge everyone to keep an eye out on people around you, you never know who may be in need of some help. On that note we’re all okay here, slogging our way through building the new site, our end of year deadline is starting to look really optimistic!. We’ve said it before but seriously, buying the collector books is hard work these days, there are a lot of interested parties out there and if you miss a beat the books are gone. Suntup Editions copy of ‘Necromancer’ didn’t even go on sale, all 250 copies went via lottery! Anyway we do have some beauties in the stable so we can’t really complain. 

‘Ninefox Gambit’ is frankly tough going, we’re getting through it but probably not comprehending a third of the text, a book shouldn’t be this hard to read.

TV this period has been great, 'The Boys’, ‘Raised by Wolves’ and ‘Lovecraft Country’, all great suff, we do miss good new movies though. We’ve restarted ‘Stranger Things’ wow, that was great right?

Cheers and stay safe.

13 September 2020

Hi, great set of books this month huh? - there must be something special about September. As usual we are flat out on all fronts, which given the whole covid thing is probably a good thing. But we frustratingly, aren’t making rapid progress on the new site and our end of year deadline is fast approaching, this means still more effort is required! 

Anyway, two great albums recently released, loving both Metallica and The Killers right now but huge let down from Seether, no idea what they were trying to do, not happening.

Anthony Ryan continues to deliver and we loved ‘Black Song’, more, please more..

We are totally stoked with ‘The Boys S02’ , so wrong yet brilliant, also surprised with ‘Raised by Wolves’, we’ll see where it goes, where the hell is the new season of ‘Mayans’?

Spring at last!

Cheers for now, stay safe.

16 August 2020

We’ve had a fairly hectic month at work and between that and the daily Covid environment management we’re not getting much reading time. Also we’ve begun working on the alternate site layout, which looks great and we’re now really ready to begin the pages, our target is to launch on 1 Jan 21. 

We’ve managed to get our hands on multiple copies of Yoon Ha Lee’s ‘Machineries of Empire’ trilogy, so we’re slightly excited by that given how quickly these were sold. Look out for these on our next update.

We’ve completed ‘Hanna S02’ good stuff, and we’re struggling with ‘Dogs of Berlin’, catching ‘Umbrella Academy S02’ in between things, and we can’t wait for S02 of ‘The Boys’, that was a great series.

That’s all for now folks, stay safe.

12 July 2020

A hectic month but all’s well here at least, as we stated we’re still getting all our mail but no local book sales so we are looking at a pretty low stock build this year unless there’s a major shift in policy. Publishers have certainly not stopped putting out new titles, we’re already well into next years orders! We’re currently playing around with ‘Blocs’ and may use this as the next platform for the site but the changeover looms like a prison term, it’ll be a lot of work, but a refresh is needed we think.

We blitzed through the John Salzi ‘Interdependency Saga’, what an entertaining read!, we love Scalzi’s work and he certainly didn’t disappoint, highly recommended trilogy. We also gobbled up an Anthony Ryan ‘Raven’s Shadow’ novella in prep for ‘The Black Song’ which is due anytime now. It does irritate that Ryan releases these novella’s in ebook format only in most cases, we don’t do that shit man.

Musically we’ve had a bit of fun discovering Johnny Cash’s American Recordings and wow, these were refreshing and yeah country, still anything where Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were the backing sound must be worth some time right?

We’ve been watching a Korean TV series  called ‘Bad Guys:Vile City’ which was great, also finished ‘Marcella S03’, that lady has issues.. Now starting the German series ‘Dogs of Berlin’ and very excited about ‘Hanna S02’. ‘The City and The City’ was a disappointment unfortunately.

Thats all for now, stay well all.

7 June 2020

It continues, hopefully this month we’ll see some return to normality but we fear that there will be a second wave and what then? Holding thumbs here. On a depressing note we had one of our shipments take some damage, which really upset us, so we now have some stock which is slightly ‘dinged’ - there are words we’d like to add here, but. We are trying to take the long view here and honestly we have had a good run for a long while with postage.

We finished ‘Black Hawks’ which unfortunately didn’t live up to the hype, ‘Kings of the Wyld’ it ain’t. We thought we’d give Ed McDonald a go finishing off ‘Blackwing’ quite quickly which was good but we’re just not invested enough to want to find out what happens next, plus when you’ve got a recently completed Scalzi trilogy just sitting there…

We’re still rocking on some really good old stuff here and we were really happy to discover a brace of Tom Cochrane albums previously unheard, they are just great albums, great.

For entertainment we really enjoyed 'War of the Worlds S01’ (French/Anglo), ‘Briarpatch’, ‘Cardinal S04’ and ‘Killing Eve S03’. We just got hold of ‘The City and The City’ - who knew? and we’ve been catching up on Korean movies, and loving it! - ‘The Host” was great!

Cheers all!

3 May 2020

Well we’re still in ‘lock downish’ mode here, and yeah it seems the postal service is slow to, at least that’s the hope otherwise we’ve lost some parcels, which is stressing us a bit. We’re still walking as much as possible and that’s going well, believe it or not we apparently walked 180km last month, which is just great. 

You’ll note from the music section that we are listening to a lot of different albums in isolation, a lot of these are older SA albums as Google now has a range of these available, we’ve been really taken by Squeal’s debut album and the Falling Mirror compilation album, also aKing, who knew?

Finished ‘Ozark’ S03, WOW. Due to no movies being available we decided to check out Korean movies, and really pleasantly surprised. 'The Villianess’ opening sequence makes ‘John Wick’ look like he’s some kinda wannabe. Anyway we are also enjoying ‘Gangs of London’, and of course ‘Killing Eve’ S03 - hilarious!

Cheers for now.

12 April 2020

Strange days indeed. We’re working from home and in semi ‘lock down’ mode here. We’re trying like everyone else to balance couch time and some form of exercise which for us works out at two longish walks a day when possible, sans mask though. Also we’ve upped our reading time trying to make up for our usual commute read which obviously vanished, thus we rapidly finished ‘Gideon the Ninth’, which in hindsight just isn’t our thing, we could never really see the screen, so it’s a bit of a surprise that the book has been so well received but there you go, we’re all different.

Isolation has meant that we are getting a lot more traffic on the site which is great, with Fritz Leiber the author most in demand, we’ll certainly continue to work on making the site an interesting place to visit. We love the Glenn Chadbourne idea and continue to try and get more dust jackets when possible, if other artists did the same, it’d be great. 

So no major movies but certainly lots of entertaining TV, we tried and got hooked on the Korean period zombie series ‘Kingdom’, great fun there, we’re still watching ‘Ozark' S3,  loving 'Strike Back' S8 and excited about ‘Cardinal’ S4.

Musically we’re just cruising past albums and other remote stuff.

And we’ll see the end of hot cross buns soon, damn!

We wish you and yours the best in these trying times. 


15 March 2020

As stated we got to see Elton John last week and as things are looking that may well have been one of the final shows for some time. It was a great concert, he puts on a show, as you’d expect with his experience. But since that event things have obviously taken a turn for the worse and we are feeling the effects of the COVID pandemic in a variety of ways, least of which is the devaluing of currency causing us to slow down international purchases and we have concerns on shipping and postage security. Hopefully we get past the peak of things rapidly.

We have already pointed out the large amount of books that we’ve been working on and there are still more on the way, but we think that the planned forthcoming sales will be cancelled this year which will retard new books substantially moving forward. And now movies are being delayed, not happy news for us movie lovers.

We just finished ‘Altered Carbon S2’, wow, 'Narcos S2’, brilliant, and still lots to see thankfully.

Just discovered 3 Doors Down’s 2016 ‘Us and the Night’ album and realise that it’s actually the lost Rob Thomas album… nice though.

Cheers and stay safe and healthy!

1 March 2020

Well we saw Queen with Adam Lambert fronting the band, what can we say, best tribute band performance ever. It is worth the effort. Man, the crown loves to sing along to a Queen song! Anyway this week we’re off to see Elton John, again a bit of a surprise there but if it’s anything like Queen it’ll be fantastic. 

Books!, we’re so pleased about those Babel editions, they are just great, and we’ve got so many interesting books coming in this year, it really has started amazingly. We finished Peter F. Hamilton's  ‘Salvation’, the first of a trilogy, and it was honestly boring for the first half of the book, Hamilton goes to great detail setting things up, but things ramp up in the second half, enough to have us ordering the second novel immediately.

Tv has us spoilt for choice, 'Narcos S2’, ‘Deputy’, ‘Hunters’, and now ‘Altered Carbon S2”, seriously, how can we get any reading in at this rate?

Green Day’s latest album ‘Father of All….’  rocks, but you need to turn it up.


9 February 2020

From fires to floods, it’s been raining for three days solid and not letting up!, thankfully our hobby is an indoor activity. So we got a brace of new books in at the sale, which we have yet to work on and list, because we keep getting sidetracked by new arrivals like that ERB edition, we immediately bought a second copy by the way. So a lot to look forward too  additionally we’ve had some phenomenal book sales of late, always a bittersweet thing for us, but still great in concept right?

Aside from the books we’ve got the new Theory of a Deadman album, ‘Say Nothing’ and it’s good but certainly more laid back than their earlier albums. We also discovered Shinedown, now that's what we're talking about! We’re also binging on Halestorms’ ‘I like it heavy’ for some reason.

One more episode of ‘Justified’ to go, we’ll be lost. We’re struggling to get into the recent crop of tv series but maybe that’s just us, we gave ‘The Outsider’ a view, seems a bit of a downer frankly. Finally we saw ‘Parasite’ and yep it lives up to the Oscar hype, great movie and we hate subtitles. 

Queen in concert next week folks!

Cheers for now...

26 January 2020

We’re right into it this year, as predicted choices abound from various publishers making for some hard calls. We couldn’t resist the Suntup edition of ‘Red Dragon’ though, looks gorgeous, we are talking the ‘gift’ edition here, Suntup certainly aren’t cheap when it comes to the limited and lettered states of their editions. We’ve discovered ‘GIMP’ which allows us to crop images as we’ve done with ‘The Stand’, nice tool but man, distracting, we certainly lost a few hours there. Aside from cropping images we’ve added a new page under the ‘Trivia' section, Edgeworks,  we are finally doing something about those pesky soiled page edges on some, of what should be, really great books. It isn’t easy but the finished item is great and we get to use GIMP on the image!

‘The Ruthless’  Peter Newman’s second novel in the ‘Deathless’ trilogy took us back into what can only be described as a strange and macabre world, what Newman does with his characters in a few words is incredible, as with ‘The Vagrant’ one has a ‘sense’ of things rather than actual facts, it’s good. We should see the conclusion this year.

We’re still watching ‘Justified’, unbelievably, but have also completed the somewhat disappointing ‘The Witcher’ season one, we’re back at ‘Brittania’ season two for the final few episodes, love the soundtrack and it’s quirky. But big hit with us is ‘Deputy’ that’s great, we want more of this. Movie-wise we enjoyed ‘Dr. Sleep’, ‘1917’ was very good and we finally got to see ‘Zombieland Double Tap’ which was simple fun. We did catch one we missed last year, 'The King’, which was really worth it.

First 2020 book sale on 02 February, so wish us luck!


1 January 2020

Right, that's the end of that.

Looking forward to a happier year and hopefully decade for all of us!!

Best wishes Everyone!

1 December 2019

Well we’re back to having a full working site again, updating was just painful. We’ve just attended the annual town Xmas fair, so begins to that favourite time of year where we get to eat, drink and be merry (and gain weight). Looking forward to this one folks, finally we start getting 2019 behind us, it’s been a bitch of a year frankly.

Fortunately we are ending the year on a blast, first two shots of Anthony Ryan, followed by a knockout from Abercrombie, we are just loving ‘ A Little Hatred’. Of course there’s the latest Star Wars movie to look forward to, not to mention all the other great TV shows currently rolling out. So good books, great movies and apple pie! 

On that note, here’s wishing you and yours the best of times this festive season.


3 November 2019

Another month between updates, but through no fault of ours, our new Imac packed it in, and we now have to rebuild many data fields within the website just to enable a light update. Lots of work ahead unfortunately.We won’t spend too much time today, but will note that we finally finished ‘Rotherweird’ and it’s good but a slow read. We’re really enjoying ‘Watchmen’, and looking forward to ‘Jack Ryan’. 


6 October 2019

It’s been a month between updates, which just shows how busy we’ve been, but unfortunately not on books. Hopefully most of that stuff is behind us and we can knuckle down in the last quarter, which is traditionally when the speciality publishers go a little crazy and pre-sell the following years books, it’s hell on Xmas gift buying. We have the final big book sale locally next weekend, which will hopefully keep us busy through to the new year, not that we have’nt still got a bunch of admin to do on current stock. We’re really happy with the Robert Maccammon books, and it was a nice surprise to find out about the FX TV series, since we have’nt read any of the Matthew Corbett books this might be an alternative if done well. We're still bogged down in ‘Rotherweird’ and whilst enjoying it, the book is suffering from a lack of attention due to our current situation, but as for the site, this will hopefully improve soonish.

Hope you liked the two books used for the links this week, talk about buying a book for its cover, obviously anything with the word ‘wyrd’ in it is of interest and seriously how is that Graham Masterton cover art?

‘Mayans M.C’ is the bomb!, really loving season two. Enjoying ‘Godfather of Harlem’ also ‘Goliath' season three has landed, so much to look forward to.’Carnival Row’ turned out really well, worth a watch if your’re on the fence.

Catch Ya Later!

7 September 2019

We’re typing here with our legs aching, Steptember is killing us! At least Spring has started, longer days , warmth etc…

On the book front lots of new stuff being ordered, did you get a copy of ‘Gideon the Ninth’?, well there’s a book we think will go places. We have all the books from our latest sale still in bags around the place, so lots to keep us busy. We are enjoying ‘Rotherweird’ but currently have limited reading time so it’s taking a bit longer than we would like.

We’ve begun season 1 of ‘Interceptor’, it’s ok. We also caught ‘Mr In-between’ which was good but a bit freaky, those who know us will undersrtand. we’ve just started ‘Carnival Row’ so no judgement there yet. But the best news is that ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 2 is here!


20 August 2019

We are fast moving towards Spring at last and by the time we next update we’ll be there! This also means Steptember, that yearly ritual of trying to belatedly get into shape for summer and do something worthwhile for charity at the same time. Challenge accepted! +10 000 steps day here we come.

On the book front yet more editions from Centipede and Subterranean, which is good, but also bad. To the more eagle-eyed out there who may note that we seem to be getting in some Robert McCammon novels and not crowing about it, well there are still more to come as we seek to close out on the entire Matthew Corbett series, once done expect some fanfare! 

We blitzed through the two ‘Band’ novels from Nicholas Eames, they were great, looking forward to more. A mate recommended ‘Rotherweird’, so we did what any respectable collector does, bought the limited first editions and we are just now starting the first book, in for a penny…

We were skeptical at first but damnit ‘Line of Duty’ is a great series. We are still a little ambivalent over ‘Wu Assassins’ 


28 July 2019

Again we don’t have a lot to say, we are working through things and hope to have more time soon. In the meanwhile enjoying 'Stranger Things’.


27 June 2019

We haven’t got that much to say this time round, busy on the family front, still getting in some great books obviously, but struggling to find time right now. We have been watching a lot of TV, really enjoying ‘Wild Bill’, it’s great, oh and ‘Life in Pieces’ which is fun.


9 June 2019

The time between these two dates is rather surreal. 

We did say that this post would be special, hopefully you agree that the editions merit the statement. Additionally we needed to rework the Mieville page substantially, it’s great now. One slight dissapointment was that we found almost 20% of the site wasn’t visible or missing and here’s the kicker - no one noticed!. Anyway the fault has been repaired now. 

We caught ‘Good Omens’ and whilst it wasn’t as great a dissapointment as ‘Catch - 22’ one feels that more could be done. A nice try.The end of ‘Into the Badlands’ and we applaude the effort that went into this, it was really enjoyable and we were amazed that it lasted as long as it did.

We saw ‘Godzilla', which was ok. We seem to have gone from feast to famine with movies of late.

Later folks.

19 May 2019 

The gap between updates reflects upon our available time, we’ve got a lot on currently but are also getting in some amazing new books which we simply must share. We’ve had your feedback on the site updates and appreciate it. There is unfortunately not much we can do on the clash between mobile device formats and standard desktop, we use an off the shelf package and enjoy a full page image. Ideally we would like you to see the site the way we populate it. 

We’re progressing on our current reading as we desperately want to read ‘The Hod King’. Given how much we like the art, we are trying to start collecting DJ’s from Centipede Press, keep an eye out for that.

We’ve been thrilled by this TV season so far, GOT has us riveted and we get that there will always be detractors, we like the way it’s going, final tomorrow! Then there’s ‘Into the Badlands’ and ‘Killing Eve’ and now ‘Catch-22’. Amazing entertainment. We woke up early for Eurovision 2019, only to see Australia robbed, at least it was by Netherlands and not some other crap.

On the music front we’ve got ‘Fever Breaks’ by Josh Ritter and it’s good, but not great.


28 April 2019

Changes! Given that we’re expecting a bumper crop of new editions in the coming months(and some of them are going to be amazing!), plus the big sales all happening between now and August, we felt the the previous site navigation was starting to get a bit messy (and big) so we changed it. Hopefully it’s for the better and we love the banner refresh, this one is called ‘sunflower’ though for us it gives a ‘western antique’ feel. Maybe we’ll try some of the other colour tones through the year.

We thought we’d try a more free flowing design for the home page, allowing us to have ‘call out’ boxes like the one used for ‘The Rats’. The idea is to be able to directly link to things that we’ve been busy with that aren’t necessarily new. Also we can now use the full page width for multiple images if we choose which will be a better visual on Facebook uploads. 

We finished ‘Ancillary Justice’ which is a good book, the premise is certainly original and yet it seems to be in a similar vein to ‘The Fifth Season’ (which incidentally also took out virtually every award around), heavily gender focused with a female protagonist  lacking that draw for one to need to grab book two immediately. 

On the music front well, it’s been a bit of a journey, we’ve got in a lot of SA rock like Civil Twilight and Kongos (though we're not so sure of their SA credentials) who are very Imagine Dragons in sound, and the new Bryan Adams which frankly we love (apart from track #2), there it is, we’ve said it. Oldies but goodies. Along the way we discovered Carolina Liar, not an SA band(surprise) and they were really good, still trying to get the second album though.  And the new Rob Thomas album has arrived and it’s great but seems very simple for a 3-4 year break, we were kinda hoping for a ‘North’.

Ok we saw ‘Endgame’ and it was bloody brilliant! Can’t believe that it was over three hours long as time just flew by. Excellent finish to the series. 

7 April 2019

A bit late on the updates here but we’ve been busy around the place. Since we last caught up we’ve ordered the latest Sub Press editions of ‘The Expanse’ and 'Malazan Book of the Fallen’ series, so look out for those soonish. We have finally got through posting all of our new books and now need to update all the associated listings, the next sale will be at the end of April and then we’ll have a backlog again.

We managed to finish both of the 'Delphic Division’ books and ‘Hazards’, which was frankly a bit flat, great blurb but meh. We finally tried Ann Leckie’s 'Ancillary Justice’ and damn, early on yet but gripping stuff!

On the music front we were lucky enough to get copies of Wonderboom’s ‘Rising Sun’ (2017) and The Parlotones ‘China’ (2018), these are both South African rock groups and wow, we’re really enjoying these. If you are a Vangelis person then ‘Nocturne’ is an absolute must. Oh yes, we just watched ‘The Dirt’ and therefore Motely Crue was required listening, and man those guys rock, there are few songs which can blow a room away with the power of ‘Kickstart My Heart’. By the way ‘The Dirt’ was pretty good, what lives! We also saw ‘Glass’ which was  again a surprise twist to both ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Split’, we enjoyed it. There’s certainly a lot on currently, GOT is coming, The 100, Barry, Happy, Into the Badlands, etc. Keeping up is an issue.


18 March 2019

We’re really pretty chuffed with the home page this update, the latest batch on books are just great to look at. If you haven’t yet, check out the Burroughs page, we’ve added in the Bob Eggleton frontispiece found in the ERB edition, we can’t believe how nice these books are, hopefully more to come from ERB Publishers! 

It’s that time of year, Subterranean Press is having it’s annual ’dinged’ book sale tonight, which means12 am here folks, and Anderida Books listed the signed limited edition of N.K. Jemisin’s 'How Long ‘til Black Future Month’ (300 copies only) at 6 pm!-what a night.

So hopefully we end up with some great new Sub Press editions for our efforts, but in the interim we still have yet more books to finish processing, and certainly lots more that we want to do to the site as it’s starting to get really large and in patches clunky. You’ll note that we have finished 'Poison City' and enjoyed it enough to read the second novel in the series, but you need to be a South African to totally get these, which kinda limits the books.

Movie wise we saw ‘Captain Marvel’ and enjoyed it, 3.5/5 for us, 'The Lego Movie 2' was disappointing though.  We are still enjoying our usuals plus ‘Arrested Development’ is back! Oh yes, we did end up enjoying ‘The Umbrella Academy’ after all.


03 March 2019

Well folks, we’re certainly plugging away at our backlog but not all done yet. We’ve read ‘The Book of Skulls’ and we’ll have more to say about that when the Centipede Press edition arrives, now we’re reading an odd book, kinda Peter Grant in South Africa, with a harder edge?, we’ll see. If it’s any good we’ll give it a big write up next time. We finally redid all of the Moorcock images, they look great. 

A bit of a big announcement from PS Publishing this weekend, they are releasing ‘The Stand’ in an artist signed edition, as expected these sold out quickly (there were 1000 of them!), we’ll keep you informed on this one as we (luckily) have ordered a spare copy and we’ll set a price once both are in hand. The books, that’s right three of them, will each have their own artwork, housed in a slipcase, look gorgeous.

We’ve finally finished ‘The Punisher’, good closure to the series, we’re sorry that there won’t be a third though. Still enjoying ‘Strike Back’ and ‘Discovery’, whilst starting in on ‘The Umbrella Academy’, not really sure about this one yet.

17 February 2019

Time is not our friend currently. We are running late with many things folks, many things. But we did manage to get to the first book sale of the year and yep we got a bundle of new things, some of which we showcased on the home page with more to follow. We are travelling a bit more lately (which helps with reading time) so hopefully we’ll get into ‘The Book of Skulls’ quickly, ‘The Deathless’ was out there, we’re still undecided, the read is easy, style simple, plot?… we’ll await the second book before any judgement. 

Exiting times to spend money, Sub Press have partnered with Anthony Ryan, and will release an as yet unpublished novel, which is great but yet more items to buy! Centipede Press have got serious books in the works this year including ‘Childhood’s End' and ‘Dune’ as have Sub Press and even the UK Dealers with their limited editions, it is becoming hard to keep up. We suggest that SF books have entered a new ‘Golden Age’ of publishing. Mull that over, as will we, more to come on this topic.

We saw ‘Alita: Battle Angel’, good movie, ‘Green Book ‘ it ain’t, but SF entertainment sure!. Movies are now seriously challenged by TV, ‘The Punisher’, wow, ‘Strike Back’, again wow, and then we get ‘Star Trek Discovery’ , what to say. We finished ‘Vikings’ getting a little long winded now. 

Alright, that’s it for now

28 January 2019

And we’re off!, getting those ‘Elric’ editions has totally motivated us! we have rarely seen books escalate in value as rapidly as these on eBay, the set just sold for $1600 USD!  We wish we could show the additional interior illustrations but just don’t have the means to do this without risk to the books, we recommend checking out the Centipede Press webpage for more. That ‘ Gutter Prayer’ book has got blue page edges, and whilst we have a few of these now from the UK booksellers, the blue on this is like wow, out there, very nice, it also means we’ll need to get a paperback if we are to read it. We’re pleased to have finally completed upgrading the shelves and rooms, they should hold for a couple of months at least. First sale of the year next weekend, we’ll need all the space we can get.

We are well into ‘The Deathless’ already, as per usual Peter Newman just sucks you in, and probably has one of the creepiest lines we’ve come across for some time, brilliant! . Way behind on movies and TV, stuck watching every season of ‘Death on Paradise’, yep we’ve become those people. Still ‘The Punisher’ awaits us, as does so much more, ‘Strike Back’ is BACK! 

Well that’s all for now.

10 January 2019

Well we get off to a slightly sluggish start this year, we’ve just had so much to do. But ‘Aquaman' was certainly one of the things we did, great movie, very entertaining. Also we can’t recommend ‘Green Book’ enough, really good movie.

Our front page says it all on the year past, we do think that ‘Thin Air’ rocked, looking forward to ‘Broken Angels’ on Netflix this year, maybe ‘Thin Air' will get the same treatment sometime?. We’ve got so many books and movies to watch that we are becoming seriously challenged to keep up, our plan is definitely reading more books in 2019, we were a bit slack last year. We all need resolutions right?

We caught ‘Bird Box’ the movie and wow, pretty intense , we’re just amazed at the scene with ‘Girl’ on the boat, how such a young actress performs like that blows us away. 

We expect that the mailman will get cracking early on and new books of significant note will start rolling in soon, Centipede Press have begun the ‘Elric’ series and we can’t wait to see the end result.

Cheers for now.

24 December 2018

It’s Xmas eve as we write this. The ham’s baked, salads done and the milk tart is waiting…, we’re really thankful that we can celebrate the year end so positively, 2018 has had it’s moments to say the least. For boxing day we’ve got tickets to AquaMan. Yeah.

As book years go 2018 was pretty damn good, with some truly amazing books published, so much so that we’ve decided to add a new category to our annual ‘Best Book’ award, the ‘Best Book Published’ award to call out that really special edition that blew us away  during the year. So look out for that on our next update, which should be in 2019 folks! 

We just checked and if you search for 'fantasy and science fiction bookstore sydney’ on google we’re on page one! That wasn’t easy at all. Still a lot to do there.

We are now trying to make yet more space for next years books, cool huh?, actually it’s a awful lot of work though, but we get one opportunity to finally sort those books out once and for all.We’re pacing through ‘Thin Air’ , great stuff as expected, also finished ‘The Fifth Season’ which is good, but probably not our thing, give us a guy with a gun.

Ok, the ham is calling…

All the best for Xmas!

9 December 2018

We saw ‘Mortal Engines’ last night and we give it a 4/5. The movie is certainly a solid piece of work and action packed, very entertaining, but it’s no Lord of the Rings. Having read the book we probably wanted a little more but all round we were happy. The critics have not being so positive, which is just typical frankly.

We’re at the sticky end of the year, lots of admin to catch up on, apple pie to eat, ham to bake, presents to buy. We’re looking forward to a break over the Xmas and New Year weeks and we’ll hopefully catch up on that pesky admin. We still have a couple of big books due to arrive before 2018 wraps up and we want to read at least two more books before the close, ‘Thin Air’ and ‘The Deathless’ would be good. We note that Goodreads have had their 2018 Choice awards and honestly we have no idea what is driving the Fantasy segment as we have not rated a single book in the top 10, versus 5/10 in the SF section.

We’re currently watching George R.R. Martin’s ‘Nightflyers’, which is pretty cool but we’re loving the return of ‘Vikings’ and ‘Frontier’.


25 November 2018

We’ve been building more author pages as each letter of the alphabet in the General Section starts to get cramped, we’re just at the 100 mark!, that’s a thing, considering that we were at 60 in Jan 2016. We find ourselves tidying up as we go along, it’s nice.

We are in the final phase of 2018 when publishers set up their first quarter sales, so lots of pre-order requests currently, just before Xmas when we can afford it, right?.  I’m sure that next year we’ll be crowing about the latest new arrival but it would be great if these things were a bit better spaced out. We picked up a B-format copy of ‘Rivers of London’ and whilst browsing the first couple of pages found ourselves engrossed in the story, expect to see more from Mr. Aaronovitch here soon. We’re reading “The Fifth Season’ because we have too, since it’s such a winning series, and damn it’s good. 

If you haven’t seen 'Bohemian Rhapsody’ yet, get out there! We really enjoyed the movie, a very nice touch all round. Yep, it get’s a 5/5 folks! We’ve also seen ' The Crimes of Grindelwald’ and give that a 4/5, pretty good.

Our tv time is taken up by ’Narcos- Mexico’ - wow..

Entering our favourite season - Xmas!, starting to have parties and next week we bake the first apple pies, yeah!


11 November 2018

As we stated on the main page we are just so impressed with the books coming in lately, actually it’s a bit frustrating, in that we’d like to spend more time showcasing each one but we just don’t have the time and I suspect that others are in the same boat, but if you are interested in something, do let me know as I’d love to provide more detail. We’ve still got a mass of new books to work through and stuff on the way, plus there will be another sale early December, no rest for the wicked. 

November continues with big items going up for order this month, looks like 2019 will deliver some specials of it’s own at this rate. Movie wise it’s been a bit quite on this front, we are going to catch ‘Horns’ mainly cause we have bought the limited edition and we seem to keep finding TPB copies around, maybe it’s a sign. ‘We’ve been watching ‘Swedish Dicks’, that was fun, hope there’s a third season. Strangely we are enjoying ‘Titans’, we didn’t enjoy the other ‘Arrowverse' stuff from DC but this is quite good. And ‘Mayans’ rocks!


23 October 2018

Well our last post on Facebook turned out to be our most successful to date!, thanks guys. Obviously the full page image format may have had some influence, so we’ll continue using that, we’ve also been a bit inspired by the full page thing so we’ll try and post a few more images as we process books from Peter’s collection shortly. Peter has a range of authors that compliment ours, increasing the total author pages substantially, examples would include Heinlein, Clarke and of course Harry Harrison. We haven’t posted these yet but the full pages once done should be impressive. To note we have approx. 175 books to upload. 

As we near the end of the year it’s as if all publishers want to launch something special, November is fraught with opportunities that you could miss out on!  Additionally we start November with another book sale on the 3rd, which is great, but just increases the time pressure across the month as we probably will still be processing the latest batch bought. 

So ‘Iron Fist’ has been canned, no surprises there, we are currently about to start ‘Daredevil’ season 3, let’s see if they can pick it up a bit. As expected we are currently being blown away by Amazon’s  ‘The Man in the High Castle’, what a quality production. If you enjoy PKD or just really good SF then this is a must.

Anyway back to it.


7 October 2018

As you will note we’ve been working hard at adding new books, this is because we’re off to another sale this coming weekend! Space, the final frontier.. We know we raved about them on the home page but seriously those ERB books are really something to see, the fold-out illustrations from past editions are fantastic. ERB are taking on John Carter next, boy are we keen! We got an offer to buy the Suntup Press artist edition of ‘Horns’ by Joe Hill. Honestly, we could not resist the cover but we believe it’s a pretty good story too. 

We saw ‘Venom’ and it’s a solid 4/5 for us, very entertaining, Tom Hardy is just amazing. The Marvel end credits scene thing is still just as irritating though, actually no, it’s pissing us off.

Finished ‘Ozark’, again highly recommended, now watching ‘Strangers’ which is not bad but we do get the reviews that question how come the UK only has 30 actors who do everything.


23 September 2018

We’ve just signed up for the new limited edition of ‘The Scar’ to be published by Subterranean Press, it’ll match their ‘Perdido Street Station’ however the print run is larger so the general public is welcome, we strongly recommend grabbing a copy of a classic. If you’re interested in Edgar Rice Burroughs novels, ERB publishers are currently shipping ‘Savage Pellicudar’, we’ll showcase our copies next time but probably won’t be wanting to part with them soon, so head on over to the ERB website for details.

Well, we think that ‘Arm of the Sphinx’ and the ‘Babel’ series is just out there, one of the richest books, almost on a par with ‘Master Li and Number Ten Ox’. There’s two more instalments to come, here’s hoping Mr Bancroft can maintain.  But now on to something completely different - Anthony Ryan, just started book three so we’ll hold off commenting just yet.

We haven’t seen anything particularly noteworthy that’s new, but did catch ‘Okja’ recently which almost made a vegetarian of me, almost. 

Watching ‘Ozark’ and ‘Mayans M.C.’ loving it!


9 September 2018

We’ve been a bit tied up with various bibs and bobs so we’re now seriously behind in managing the influx of new books and our web updates. We have got a swag of new stuff so expect to see some bumper updates shortly. In the meantime we’re now looking for more copies of Aurealis, not that common, so if you have some copies let us know. We’ve just received our deluxe copy of the ‘Swords Against Death,’ we’ll try and showcase it on the Leiber page next update, but wow!

Peter’s books include the range of Edmond Cooper and the Anderson lot, looks like Edmond may need his own page soon…

We’ve been watching ‘Jack Ryan’ ‘Ozark season 2’ and of course an oldie - ‘The Killing’ what a great series. The new ‘Mayans M.C.’ looks pretty good…


19 August 2018

Frustratingly we’ve had very little time to read over the last two weeks and have made no progress on the 'Arm of the Sphinx’, we have however been spending a lot of time in the kitchen making bulk curry and lasagne for weekday meals, fun but time consuming. 

Since we’ve managed to sell some books , that allowed for us to make a couple of random purchases, so with any luck we’ll have a new Gaiman Easton Press joining soon and we’re mulling over Peter Staub’s ‘Julia’ as published by Centipede Press, the book is quite something though Straub isn’t our favourite, maybe…

Frustratingly the Hugo Awards only happen tomorrow morning for us, holding thumbs for N.K.Jemisin here. 

We’ve added more of Peter’s books, Asimov this time.

Mission Impossible was good, that’s it. We are really enjoying ‘Castle Rock’ and ‘Condor’ currently.


04 August 2018

We’re pretty happy with how things are tracking with both the site and incoming books, we’ve had a good spell of sales recently and we still have hundreds of books to process! It looks like all our work on SEO has started to pay off and hopefully this update will add a further boost to site search availability. Wonderful to have the Jemisin UK editions, what a mission getting them though!. 

We managed to complete the ‘Herbert' and ‘Brooks’ paperbacks from Peter’s set, mostly just reading copies but some hard to find, still a lot to do on that front. Between work and all of the SEO stuff we’ve had little time to read but are still working through the 'Arm of the Sphinx’, and it’s not a light read, very enjoyable though, amazed that this took so long to be taken up by a publisher in the first place. Problem is though that the number of books that we need to read keeps growing at a rate we just won’t be able to match anytime soon, looks like we will need to make a change to current routines…

Off to see the latest ‘Mission Impossible’, we have of course completed season two of ‘Luke Cage’, very nice and excitingly discovered ‘Castle Rock’, which is very good so far.

Autumn has begun in earnest, wind’s blowing away here..


22 July 2018

Back from a vacation in the US. While we were there we picked up some great book club sale books and ‘Halo for Hire’ , we returned to another book sale and of course we have all Peter’s books here as well, needless to say we are flooded with books currently! It’s a birthday week and we are surrounded by our favourite things, pretty cool. We managed to finish ‘Senlin Ascends’ and ‘Mortal Engines’ during the trip, both books were excellent fare for the bored traveller. 

We binged on the plane and saw ‘Get Shorty’ and ‘Goliath’ season one complete. Really enjoyed both shows. Back now to ‘Luke Cage’ season two and all our other fav’s. 

Well, we’re still getting ourselves shorted here so we’ll cut it short for this update.


02 July 2018

We are off on vacation to family and this’ll probably be our last update for the month. We might even get some time to read, that’ll be amazing! In the meantime we got some great news, with Amazon taking up ‘The Expanse’ after SyFy dropped it, thank heavens. We also got to see 'Jurassic World’, good movie.  When we get back we’ll get ourselves some ‘Luke Cage’ action, can’t wait. 

There is a new trend in publishing that has all the hallmarks of ‘trouble brewing’. We have noted that a number of distinctive books such as ‘The Broken Earth’ by N.K. Jemisin (Hugo Award ++) has only been published in hardcover by Subterranean Press (limited to 400 copies) and now Orbit in the UK, again limited, but to 300 copies. These small print runs are then sold for elevated prices from the onset. We suppose there are pro’s and con’s but it does limit overall accessibility to a relatively small group. ‘Senlin Ascends’ is another of these limited releases.

Finally, a friend sent across their paperback book collection, we’ve opened nearly all of the boxes and it’s certainly looking good, some real classics here. These will take a bit of time to process, so we’ll have plenty to keep us busy when we return.


11 June 2018

A big update today, we’ve been busy in the background doing various housekeeping chores and these will hopefully improve the overall site access moving forward. We’ve also updated all of the price lists, not the easiest process to say the least. We’ve got most of the recent Sub. Press items into their respective pages as we prepare for a large lot of paperbacks that have been boxed for us, exciting!

We put off reading 'Senlin Ascends' till we got a softcover copy, that’s now done and we are underway to the tower of Babel. We took the opportunity to read ‘Only Human’ while we waited, this book was ‘super fantastic’ and what a great way to end a really unique trilogy. Katherine was a particularly clever character and funny!. The book is a strong contender for the best of 2018 - a must read. 

Well cheers for now.

03 June 2018

Winter is here, and surprise! it’s no fun! Thank god for book rooms with air conditioning. We have spent quite a few frustrating hours trying to improve the sites Google search index response, and it’s as boring as it sounds folks. The good news is the site is now HTTPS and no longer HTTP, wow. On to more relevant issues, we received all those Sub Press sale items and are still working through updating the site, the fallout has been that we’ve created three new author pages along the way, Powers, Bujold and Lumley. we’re particularly happy with the Tim Powers page, have a look.

Sub Press has also just opened pre-orders on ‘Golden Son’, the sequel to ‘Red Rising’, and the cover looks amazing, looks like we might finish the trilogy in one year, that’ll be pretty quick for them.

In a distinctly uncharacteristic turn of events we forgot a book sale and subsequently realised mid- morning that we’d missed the date. We eventually got there but only managed some paperbacks as the good stuff had been nabbed. We were not happy.

We fortunately recovered the weekend by getting to see ‘Solo’, which we really enjoyed. Woody Harrison gets around doesn’t he?. But overall another solid instalment to the Star Wars canon. 

We’ve been watching ‘Deep State’ and it has been a great series.  ‘Killing Eve’ and ‘Into the Badlands’ are still the best of TV for the week, ‘The Expanse’ is great but we’re bracing for the cut. 


20 May 2018

2018 started slowly but seems to be turning into a bumper year for books. Subterranean Press announced a sale since our last update and now we have an additional eighteen books on the way! Our new friends at ERB Publishing have just announced that they are going to publish a further three editions this year and one will be ‘John Carter of Mars’! Going to have to get in on that.  Sub Press are rapidly delivering on ‘The Expanse’ novels and promising a surprise new series. Centipede Press is about to launch the ‘Elric’ series in conjunction to the current Leiber series. And these are just the highlights!

We spent a rather tense 12 hours trying to bid on ‘Senlin Ascends’ by Josiah Bancroft, as the author only released 300 hardcover copies, all signed limited. As the book was released there was the usual meltdown of servers, but we finally got a copy during the last batch release. Nice looking book. We’ve just ordered in a soft cover version to read as the hardcovers are starting to get very dear.

We really enjoyed Scalzi’s  ‘Head On’, well worth the read folks. We also got in ‘The Stars My Destination’, a re-read for us, we originally read it in our teens and it certainly has aged.

‘Deadpool 2’, a lot of totally inappropriate fun. 4/5 for us. The only bitch we have, and it’s a Marvel ‘thing’ but additional snippets post the credits is a pain in the ass. ‘Solo’ next week, wow, the big movies keep on rolling in.


06 May 2018

We obviously had a reasonably good time at the last book sale, however we’re getting to old to perform the prerequisite squats to check the books staged under the sales tables, we can get down but getting up is not pretty. Lots of books to process now and there will be another sale at month end, the ‘fat’ season is on. 

We put the book on the home page because the title struck us as to just how out there PKD was, when it comes to quirky titles PKD must surely have the greatest number, check out the PKD  page but here’s a few that we picked:

  • In Milton Lumky Territory
  • The Days of Perky Pat
  • The Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford
  • A Scanner Darkly
  • Beyond Lies the Wub
  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

We’re really into the new John Scalzi and there are a number of new editions on the way that will ensure that we are busy reading contemporary stuff for the medium term, which we will need to watch as we still have lots of older novels to read, every time we post about a classic novel like ‘Song of Kali’ we are reminded that there are many yet to be found gems out there.

Which is a great segue to what’s happening on the music front, recent comments from us on how we enjoyed ‘Lifehouse' and 'Better than Ezra’ prompted Tony to recommend the 'Foo Fighters’. Up to now we have been resolutely ignorant of these guys, for no explicable reason, but we gave the greatest hits a spin, and WOW. Love it! But is has led us all the way back to 'Theory of a Deadman’, rocking away here!

Ok, we saw ‘The Infinity War’ and whilst we have heard a wide range of reviews on this, our rating is 4/5. It was better than both ‘Black Panther’ and "Ready Player One’. 'Deadpool 2’ opens before our next post , looking forward to that.

 Saw ‘Ordeal by Innocence’ an Agatha Christie BBC adaption, good stuff!


22 April 2018

All those NESFA books have got us wanting to see if we can’t grab some new editions to boost our set, but we’re still a little uncertain which books to target, and of course there’s the cost. If we have some sales other the coming months we’ll take another gander. Big book sale coming up on the weekend so we’ll be bursting at the sides with new books soon.

Speaking of the weekend, 'The Infinity War' begins, tickets already reserved! We did see ‘Rampage' and got what we paid for, it was entertaining. 'The Expanse' is back and we’re pumped!. Just started ‘Lost in Space’, we’ll see how it goes. Really enjoying ‘Killing Eve’. Jury is still out on ‘Siren’.

We’re still slogging through ‘The Black Company’ trilogy, down to the final book now but we are having a hard time staying engaged. There really isn’t much affinity with any of the characters and even the world building is shaky at best.If books had B-Grades, than this is it. We really need to take it up a notch.

08 April 2018

The home page probably says it all in terms of how impressed we are with ‘Red Rising’ and it is always nice to complete a set of books, not having the Riverworld complete was a bit of a lingering gap. Otherwise we are hard at work updating our Price Lists, something we only plan to do twice a year, because frankly it’s a mission. 

We saw ‘Ready Player One’ and were a little disappointed, so 3.5/5 for us. Understandably the ability to switch between virtual and actual realities is a difficult and the aspect of tangible threat between the two wasn’t there and the violence was dumbed down. We probably over-hyped it. Started ‘Krypton’, we like it. Currently into ‘Cardinal’ that’s really good, and we are yet to see where ‘Siren’ goes.

On the music scene we’ve been catching up on some alt rock from the States from the 2000’s, really enjoyed ‘The Fray’ in particular the ‘Helios’ album.


25 March 2018

We’ve finally completed allocating the last batch of new arrivals to their respective pages on the site, still some admin to do but great progress nonetheless. Along the way we’ve created additional author pages and tidied up a few others. We’ve also finally gathered all of our Corgi SF Collector’s Library editions on a single page, that’s the one joy of having all the books on the site, we can see various  collections together which just wouldn’t happen back in real space. How are those two new arrivals, the Reynolds and Leiber? We love something different but believe that whilst one could read the Leiber with minimal damage to the book, the Reynolds would be significantly damaged - which kind of misses the point right?. Foruli are trying to hard. 

Finished the 'John Stark' novels by Leigh Brackett. As we’ve noted previously they were ok, but not something to recommend to contemporary readers, unless die-hard fanatics. Moved on to ‘The Black Company’ novels by Glen Cook, ok, this we might have missed for the wrong reasons, we tried Cook’s ‘Dread Empire’ series some time ago and just could not get into it, so therefore skipped anything by him. Only 100 pages in so far but pretty good.

Finished 'Jessica Jones’ season 2, as expected, enjoyable. But the stand out for us currently kind of snuck up - 'The Alienist’, different but really good. Also enjoying ‘Strike’, the believe it or not, J.K. Rowling crime series. Going to start ‘Krypton’ tonight.  Saw ‘Pacific Rim 2’ entertaining. ‘Ready Player One’ starts this coming week- tickets booked already...

11 March 2018

Hope you like the Burroughs books as much as we do!, we’re really hoping that ERB continues to issue new reprint editions, although it’ll take years to cover all of Burroughs works. We continue to work through the new arrivals and add these to the proper pages. Slow going. We’ve got a number of books we’d like to promote on the front page but we can’t increase the frequency of posts so these are missing out. We’ll think about a more lengthy new arrival type page. 

We’ve been reading ‘vintage’ stuff of late, and taking our time with some Leigh Brackett stories that we somehow missed along the way. Although still enjoyable it is a bit like watching an 80’s movie, everything seems clunky and simplistic. 

Started and finished ‘Berlin Station’ tv series, really enjoyable stuff. 'Jessica Jones’ season 2 kicks off this week, looking forward to that. 


25 February 2018

So many new books that we don’t know where to begin. We wanted to start with the ERB new editions but since DHL decided that deliveries on Sundays is now ok, we’ve had to change plan. In short we’ve spent the last two weeks getting all the books uploaded image wise, this takes time folks. Now thats done we can start putting the books in their respective pages, still to happen. But check out some of the stuff we got, I love the Lovecraft books, they are just so creepy, then there’s the Herbert’s and so it goes, We look forward to writing about it.

The ERB books are something so can’t wait for the next upload unless Pierce Brown beats ERB…

Went to see 'Black Panther’ and 2.5 out of 5 for us. Maybe the expectations were too high but we think a weak storyline overall considering it’s the 21’st century guys.

Got the ‘Barenaked Ladies'- Fake Nudes album, fantastic!


08 February 2018

Alright, we had a fantastic Saturday just passed, we went to a great book sale, played some tennis and went to see Roger Waters live. It doesn’t get much better than that. As to the book sale, a sample of some finds are already in the 'New Addition’s’ section but there are more to come. One look should tell you that we have lots to do, some really nice finds that we’ll have fun putting up in the site. There are still an awful amount of vintage paperbacks to upload, some amazing covers.

We spent some time looking into what it would take to make the site mobile friendly and unfortunately we would loose too much of the overall aesthetics for us to want to proceed. Ultimately we need a large screen as single book listings don’t really do it for us. We got some unfortunate news this week, Wrigley-Cross Books, an American independent store that we dealt with for years is closing down. They’ll certainly be missed. The ability to have a bricks and mortar type store appears to be getter harder and harder, it’s a shame.

The Netflixs 'Altered Carbon’ release was everything we hoped for, relief!, and we can’t wait for season 2. If you haven’t seen ‘Altered Carbon’ yet, what are you waiting for?. 'Black Panther' starts next week so we’ll be there for that release. 


21 January 2018

Well we started off the year at a nice slow pace, getting the time to redo the Easton books was great, that’s one bug bear down. We have no real massive plan for 2018, it’ll be great to get more traction with a broader audience, there are probably tools for this that we should explore. We’ve been reluctant till now to have active links to the likes of Facebook on the site, as the ads and shit just ruin the whole thing for us. Wyrdbooks is a commercial site, sure, but we are really less concerned with the marketing side of things as to the content and viewer engagement. As we’ve noted before, loving the things you are trying to sell is probably a flawed business plan. 

We will be trying to get in a few more Easton books that we can add to the ‘Masterpieces’ collection, there are so many out there, getting a good deal on these however is easier said than done. We are expecting some great books this year though (this is true for most years actually) but highlights will be the conclusion to both the Anthony Ryan and Sylvian Neuvel trilogies and hopefully John Scalzi will add another to his ‘Collapsing Empire’ series. We attend the first big sale of the year on 02 February, so we’ll be getting heaps of stuff in from that point on. We also have some outliers with ERB publishers that we are hoping will actually eventuate in physical books rather than marketing hype.

We continue to see the increased pervasive spread of the F&SF genre across traditional mainstream TV and movie media, bring attention to the masses of the great works within. Shows such as The Expanse, Game of Thrones, Shannara, Dirk Gentley, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams and hopefully Altered Carbon, are all bringing more and more to the fold - it’s fantastic that one can now discuss these with almost anyone in the office! When, oh when, will we get Legend on the big screen?

Over the festive period we managed to get in quite a few new movies, our favourites being - Star Wars (brillant),  Jumanji (pure sugar), 3 Bilboards (great), The Shape of Water (Fantastic). We also caught Netflix’s ‘Godless’ series, loved this. On the stranger side of things we’re enjoyng ‘Happy’ .

Well that’s all for now folks.

31 December 2017

Another year gone and as years go a good one for ‘Wyrdbooks’ as a site and the collection certainly grew dramatically, helped by the addition of the SF&F Magazine set, no doubt. We feel we have a general handle on the site layout and content, this’ll be the first year that we don’t have some major redesign work to complete across the new year period, hopefully it’ll get even better in 2018.

We intend to continue to update at a fortnightly rate when possible, and yes try to be more consistent with the Facebook updates, but sometimes it's just not possible. The thing for 2018 is to build the number of site visitors and contacts. Not sure how we’ll do that yet but needs must. 

Right, it’s New Years eve here so before we get melancholy - Here’s wishing you all a great 2018!

18 December 2017

The festive season is upon us at last. Our favourite time of year, apple pie, cherry ham and cognac! Trying to loose the weight in January is a bit of a downer though. It’s been quite a December so far, Star Wars, David Gemmell and Longmire, just to name a few of our favourite things. We’re looking to spend some much needed catch up time on the site during the break. No, we are not taking a holiday this year, but will have some long weekends.

We’ve really slowed right down on the reading front, it’s partly Ada Palmer’s fault, ‘Too like the Lightning’ is a difficult read and we admit to struggling to have the right level of concentration and are therefore moving at a snail pace on this one. To compare Palmer to Gene Wolfe may yet be a stretch but you would be in the ball park. We’re still shopping and have hopefully got some really special Burroughs editions coming in the new year, they look awesome!

We’ve got some more stuff coming and will probably do another update before the year is out, so keep an eye out. In the meantime eat, drink and be merry!

12 November 2017

Time runs away from you, obviously we’ve been busy, apparently it’s called ‘having a life’. Anyway things should quieten down on the run to years end and we’re looking forward to quality book time. We’ve been to yet another sale but pickings were slim, albeit there were one or two nice new additions, but nothing to write home about (or here actually!). What have we been up to?, well we had to remodel the entire ‘Wyrdbooks’ library to make more space, after months of whinging about a lack of shelves we had to get more in. It was a mission. Anyway, mission accomplished and after two weeks of work we now have enough space for at least one more sale…

Whilst we’ve had a lot of new books come in we have yet to update the site pages so we’ll be busy doing that over the next period. The back end of the year usually sees a bit of a rush on deliveries and we are expecting a few special items plus we have one more sale to go to so expect yet more before Santa comes to town.

Speaking of Santa, this year has been a gift in the last quarter with some of our favourite groups releasing new albums including Theory of a Deadman, Prime Circle and The Stereophonics - what a line up! it’s going to be a rocking Xmas this year. 

We finally got to see ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’, fantastic movie but topped by that really enjoyable Marvel blockbuster ‘Thor’, now that was fun. We’re anticipating the release of ‘The Punisher’ and ‘Longmire’ having blasted through the second instalment of ‘Stranger Things’, which didn’t disappoint.

See you all in December!

15 October 2017

We had a very poor run with our last update, hopefully we have a better outcome this week. Getting the load of F&Scifi magazines was really great, we got them direct from the publisher, so no stickers or blemishes which is the real pain with collecting them. We must be pretty close to completing the set, but the missing copies will be difficult as these are now mostly singles, so it’ll take time. We also got in quite a few new books at the last sale, we’re working through these slowly, there just seems like so much to do. 

Speaking of 'to do’s’ we saw Blade Runner - wow, really loved it, true to the original, apparently boring for the kids though (strawberries to swine). On the TV front, it’s hard to admit but since the end of ‘Dark Matter’ we’ve decided to try ‘StarTrek Discovery’ , and it’s good, surprisingly so. Also we enjoyed ‘Tin Star’, slow burn but fresh.

Ok, look around at the Anthology section and the Magazines, we’re really proud of how these are shaping up!

01 October 2017

Finally we are getting somewhere with our Anthology section, its been a bit of a ‘thing’ with us for some time now. Ironically it took the need to price the books for the ‘price lists’ that forced us to really try and organise the lot. And as you can see from the home page we stumbled across lots of interesting side notes, which really doesn’t help things from a time perspective, but is fun. Also we put a lot of stuff on the ‘Anthologies’ main page which we found really interesting, particularly since we seem to have a lot of the early great anthologies on hand. 

The PKD on the home page should be a dead give away as to what we’ll be watching next week - can’t wait! Otherwise we saw ‘Kingsman 2’ - loved it!, great movie, lots of fun , apart from that one scene which was a bit uncomfortable with the kids… On the music front discovered Jack Johnson’s ‘To the Sea’ and wow, what great album. The Killers new one is unfortunately just ‘meh’. 

We have a lot a new stuff on the way ( still haven’t got those shelves yet) but some of it will be keeping us busy for a while we hope. More when they get here. 

10 September 2017

‘Finding beauty in negative spaces’, the title of Seether’s best album, and a phrase I’ve turned over and over in my mind of late. It’s not an easy thing to do with a cold start to spring and a hard summer ahead, but it is a way forward. This past week has raised questions as to the future of the website, but I recognise that throughout life the one constant that was always there to distract or console was books, so Wyrdbooks continues albeit at a slightly slower pace than previously. 

How about that ‘War of the Worlds’ Easton edition?, is it stunning or what?, now sold out at the publisher. I particularly like the illustration of the martians feeding, if you haven’t already seen it, check out the H.G. Wells page. The book itself is oversized and I'm having a hard time placing these editions on shelves, which since I'm totally maxed out of means compromise, and I hate compromise. Time to get some more shelves and reconfigure the book rooms. 

I completed ‘Godblind’, which was very gritty and dark but ultimately not very rewarding, Anna Stephens doesn’t have a humorous touch like Abercrombie or the character building of Ryan or Staveley. In contrast I've just started Ryan’s ‘Legion of Flame’ and the difference is quite stark, immediately drawn into the story and loving it! 

Finished Marvels ‘Defenders’ season 1, and it was good and at moments great. Very exicited to be starting ‘Narcos’ season 3!, now that’s what I’m talking about!. ‘Dark Matter’ concluded its latest season and the series is a favourite of mine so long may it last. Saw ‘The Hitman's Bodyguard’ which was fun, the latest ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’  also ok and better than the last instalment. I’m not into horror pre-say and therefore skipped seeing ‘Split’, M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller starring James McAvoy, but upon hearing that it’s linked to the ‘Unbreakable’ sequel gave it a spin. WOW! McAvoy was brilliant! This movie is a must watch. 

Nothing new on the music front, spent a lot of time listing to Matchbox 20 and Josh Ritter. 

27 August 2017

Sadly another legendary SF author moves on, Brian Aldiss passed on 19 August 2017, hours after celebrating his 92nd birthday. Spent some time looking at past reads - we loved the NEL paperback editions of his SF.

Truly awed by the quality of the books getting printed currently, anyone who believes that books in the printed form are a thing of the past certainly hasn’t held a book published by the likes of Subterranean, Centipede Press or Easton Press. How lucky are we to be surrounded by these treasures! The first book of the Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser series from Centipede Press is really something and we can’t wait for book two which will be released later this year as well. Next up from them is an ‘Elric’ set and in the works is a ‘Dune’ series. ‘Dune’ in particular is a book deserving a truly definitive edition, but it’ll be very pricey when it’s done. We’ve also got some exciting stuff in the mail or shipping to us, including the new Ada Palmer debut, which as a 250 copy limited edition sold out before we could get one!

This weeks updates to the site include new Author pages (now totalling 81 authors) and updated Price Lists. We have over 11,000 books on the site now! It’s getting pretty big. Our next project is to expand the Price Lists to the Author and Anthology sections, so still a lot to do. 

We’re about halfway through ‘Godblind’ and it’s grim and violent, but interesting.  As promised we saw ‘Valerian’ and whilst very impressive visually, the two main leads were badly cast and ultimately couldn’t carry off the films potential. We also saw ‘The Dark Tower’, another movie panned by critics which we enjoyed, well cast with both Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey doing a fine job. It’s a mystery as to what people expect to get out of a film, but as a standalone adaption it was great. 

On the TV front, how good is ‘Game of Thrones’?, it’ll be hell waiting for the final series and worse when it’s finally over. And then comes Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ which is great, certainly better than ‘Iron Fist’ as a standalone. 

Musically, we chilled a bit with Jack Johnson this week and really enjoyed Jack Whites’ ‘Acoustic Recordings’. 

13 August 2017

A bit more organised this week, so hopefully there aren’t too many spelling errors on the main page, not that anyone noticed. We read Gemmells' ‘Rhyming Rings’ and are pleased to say it’s great, simple but all the ‘Gemmell’ touches are present and as an early work one can see how he developed the style further in the later fantasy novels. On the plus side we didn’t tear up, but it was a bittersweet read. Gollancz will release ‘White Knight, Black Swan’, Gemmells' other crime novel on 24 August, our copy is already pre-ordered. 

We already stated that 2017 was turning into a bumper book year and with so many great books coming in we are really spoilt for choice on reading material. We now find ourselves forcing the sequence lest we just grab the latest favourite which is why we are reading ‘Godblind’ and not ‘The Legion of Flame’ or ‘Infernal Machines’ and of course there’s that upcoming Gemmell…

We’re about to finish ‘Ozark’ season 1, wow! loved it. Can’t wait for the final episode, but it is SciFI Sunday, so 'Dark Matter' and ‘ Killjoys' will postpone that event.  ‘Narcos' season 3 is coming, and the trailer looks awesome. Speaking of SciFI we’re off to see ‘Valerian’, we’ll let you know how it went next time. We did see ‘The Mummy’ which was ok, but Tom Cruise remains as youthful as ever, what the hell?, even his stubble hasn’t got any grey in it.

On the music front we’ve just got the new Nickelback album, and for all the detractors, who cares?, the albums great. Also some great retro group albums, Alphaville and Depeche Mode with new albums in 2017!, both albums are very enjoyable. The big new album for us is still Seethers’ ‘Poison the Parish’. 

31 July 2017

Feeling a bit rushed today with so much to complete on the site. The price lists were a major time drain, but look ok from our view, let us know. Also we spent a lot of time scanning in the new arrivals, the paperbacks required a bit of work to get the spine into the images. The outcome is great though, very happy, but what about all the other books?

Just got hold of the latest Seether album, Poison the Parish, and they deliver the goods. Which unfortunately Texas did not on their latest offering which is a ‘meh’ album for us.

Thats all for now, 'Dark Matter' and ‘Killjoys' are calling...

16 July 2017

Listening to the Greatest Ever Rock & Roll Hits whilst writing this and feeling pretty good right now, we’d spent a lot of time on all those F&SF magazines, cleaning and taking photo’s only to realise that the photo thing wasn’t working out, so off to get a scanner and we’re really happy with the end result. We’ll try scanning all books moving forward, it certainly helps with editing images later. Getting the new lot of magazines was not easy and thankfully postage worked out. Happily not many of them had stickers or writing on, which seems almost unavoidable with these. The nice thing about the set from the 50’s through to the late 70’s is that barcoding hadn’t come in yet, so the covers are mostly clean of distractions, the whole barcode thing really peeves on the later editions. 

Really keen to read that new David Gemmell, really hope it doesn’t disappoint given it would be a really early piece for him, we’ll let you know. But for now we’re still reading 'The Seven’ and wow, the trilogy just keeps getting weirder and better - if you haven’t read these this is meaningless but if you do you’ll understand - we love the goats man!, who thinks of that?, adding a goat for comic relief is just brilliant. 

We’ve just been to the largest of the charity book sales held in the year and have a whole brace of books to list in the coming weeks, no ‘gems’ but a lot of really nice books though. Don’t know where we will put them though as we ran out of shelf space some time back, so it is getting a little ridiculous around here now. 

We caught ‘Spiderman Homecoming’ the otherday, and were surprisingly entertained, fun movie!. Nothing really new to note on the TV front, we’re almost done with ‘Stan Lee’s Lucky Man’ and have really enjoyed both seasons, the story and acting are great.

Finally we’re still working through that pricing solution, our major problem has been image labelling, when you you need to relabel over 10,000 images this becomes a challenge but we’re getting there.

2 July 2017

We continue to be focused on our growing collection of F&SF Magazines, with any luck we’ll see a big influx of these this coming week, may the postage gods be good to us.That means we’ll be back cleaning and cataloging these for the next period, but boy are we excited! We’ve also been busy trying to workout some means of pricing all the books on the site without ruining the overall aesthetic of the pages or creating a massive workload for ourselves. We think we may have found a solution, which although pretty basic allows us to update fairly easily. While still in development we have got the General A’s and B’s done so far, check out the link here or on the 'Purchasing From Us’ page. Feedback would be great.

On the entertainment front, ‘Fargo’ ended, damn! great season though. We are happily watching ‘Preacher’ season 2, 'Dark Matter' and finally ‘Killjoys’. We’ve already raved about ‘The Circus of Dr. Lao’  but seriously this was a great read and completely different. 

18 June 2017

We spent the long weekend cleaning all those F&SF magazines, the progression of the covers across the decades is something we’re currently fascinated with, but getting copies without stickers or pen price marks is not easy, pen for god sakes! who does that? Serenity now. We then spent the week nights editing all the photo images to finally get them up on the site, and we must say, pleasantly satisfied with the results so far. Yep, the bug has definitely bitten on collecting these!

Other than that we also added a huge amount of new stuff, so as we predicted, busy, busy. The one benefit of working on books for hours is the ability to listen to music of your choice, so we caught up on a bunch of old favourites - Magnum, Rush, Roger Waters, Roger Hudson, Roy Orbison (yeah we got stuck on ‘R’) and of course ‘War of the Worlds’, what an album!

We caught up on some great movies including ‘Wonder Woman’ - which we had reservations about given DC’s hit and miss with superheroes but it was fun. But still more fun was 'Fast Furious 8’, we know, not highbrow by any measure but damn entertaining. We’re still heavily into ‘Fargo' season 3, this series just grips man. On the thumbs down side, 'Twin Peaks' season 3, what the hell?. Thank god for the return of ‘Dark Matter'

Finally we saw ‘Blood Drive’ episode one - the most ridiculous, violent premise ever! We’ll see what episode two delivers...

4 June 2017

Finally I got to see T2 Trainspotting, and having loved the first movie (unbelievably 20 years ago!), was a little apprehensive that the sequel would screw it up. But no worries, it was great! Really well directed , wittily reverential of the first, and great cast. Wonderful. Choose life…

Speaking of which, we also watched ‘Life’, and seriously enjoyed it! great thriller, and just for kicks got some action from 'John Wicks Chapter 2’. 

We noted that Ron Lesser did the artwork on B.O.C.’s ‘Secret Treaties’ album, causing us to dust this off and give it a spin, and our view hasn’t changed since decades ago, not a great album from B.O.C. Our favourites remain ‘Mirrors’ followed by 'Fire of Unknown Origin’.

Game of Thrones season 7 may be coming but winter is already here, it’s pretty cold as I write this. An eventful couple of weeks for us, stacks of new stuff coming in, some from book sales and others pre-orderd. We’re struggling to keep up with it all and the backlog grows daily. We managed to get our hands on 'The Circus of Dr Lao’  from Centipede Press and its as stunning as we expected, but that will only be for the next update. As we stated on the main page we’ve decided to collect F&SF Magazine, to date we have about 200 of these and we have just bought a further 300 which should arrive soon. One browse and you will note we have a long way to go on closing out the complete series, this will be years in the making folks.  Additionally we picked up 84 new books at the last sale, these will need to be covered etc, so busy, busy. 

We blitzed through ‘Waking God’s’, Sylvian Neuvels second instalment of ‘The Thesis Files’, brilliant! Can’t wait for the next book, another year away yet though. 

We’re almost half way through the year and what a bumper one 2017 is turning out to be, there are still so many more editions pending publishing this year that we’ll be bursting at the seams by year end.

14 May 2017

Eurovision! as usual a lot of fun and the one time you can be as critical as you like, Moldova was our favourite followed closely by Romania and kudos to Ukraine for at least putting up the one rock song.  We completed Scalzi’s ‘The Collapsing Empire’ and what to say other than he’s true to form, if you enjoy his other work you won’t be disappointed. 

We’ve been busy on the ‘new’ arrivals this past week, mostly horror (that we got as part of a bulk buy) which isn’t really our ‘thing’ anymore but as we stated a lot of classic books there, guess which ones are reselling at the highest price? yeah, not really sure that people are after the deep story here. In that same vein though, Centipede Press have for a while now been promoting their three book set of Fredric Brown pulp works, whilst we love Brown for ‘What Mad Universe’ and 'Martians Go Home’ we haven’t read any of his crime stuff. That being said the books look fantastic with, yes, the typical 50’s pulp cover female in state of undress and we got ourselves a set. We have another set of Brown’s work hopefully coming in from Haffner Press but aren’t holding our breath on this given the delays from them.

We missed out on preordering 'The Circus of Dr Lao’  from Centipede Press, which for a 250 print run sold out in hours. This book promises to be as well presented as  'The Averoigne Chronicles’ recently published by them. We bought a copy off eBay. We’ll probably do a bit of a splash when it arrives.

We’ve got another fairly large book sale coming up, so should have yet more interesting things to add to the site soon.

30 April 2017

Whilst traveling we grabbed a couple of paperbacks to read on the plane and though we’d give some vintage stuff a go…

Amazingly John Jakes wrote ‘North and South’, that 80’s tv series that was quite good if memory serves, he also wrote quite a few other SF books. These two however are forgettable, editing standards since 1970 must have improved given that the second sentence of 'Master of the Dark Gate’ is cut off and resumes a few sentences later. The books are incomplete as a set, ending unresolved, Jakes probably realised they were crap. So that was a waste of time, fortunately we also packed John Scalzi’s new one, having just finished ‘The End of All Things’ (which was great by the way) - his new series ‘The Collapsing Empire’ is off to a great start in our view.

We received our copy of the third novel in 'The Expanse’ series from Subterranean Press, just as we depressingly finished the second season of the TV series - we can’t wait for season 3 - a whole year to go. But on the upside, Fargo season 3 has begun - love this series but we wouldn’t want to live in Minnesota given the bleak weather and landscapes - great accents though. But as to 'The Expanse’ books from Subterranean, we recommended getting into this series early at $75 per book from the publisher, these are now selling for around $1000 and are now out of reasonable reach. So if this means anything you can still preorder a copy of N.K. Jemisin’s The Fifth Season, the Hugo Award-winning, Nebula and World Fantasy Award-nominated tour de force of language, incident, and, most of all, of people, from Subterranean for $80, the sequel appears to be just as popular. 

We went to a large book sale the other day, it never ceases to amaze what people will get rid off, but the gem for us was a signed copy of Drenai Tales albeit in TPB and the early Verne copy of Master of the World. We’ve already posted the new books to their respective pages. Don’t be fooled into thinking that no one buys books these days- the queue was was ridiculous. 

We discovered Josh Ritter and wow, really like his stuff.

17 April 2017

Easter Time!, well we’ve been eating these new hot cross buns - the apple and cinnamon variety and if you don’t know these, shame. They are not helping the whole keep slim effort to say the least. We’ve reached our final decision and have now amalgamated hardcovers and paperbacks. This being easily stated, but not so easily executed. We’ve completed at least two packets of hot cross buns so far, but it does take an awful amount of time so getting through the entire alphabet wasn't  quick. We are enjoying putting the new pages together though, again always happy to get feedback folks!

Along the way we finished ‘Grace of Kings’ and whilst we have the sequel available, it’s a heady wine, so to take a break we started on Scalzi’s alternate novels in the ‘Old Man’s War’ universe  beginning with ‘The Human Division’, loved it, read it in record time and immediately set about ‘The End of All Things’, wow!. We said we wouldn’t be able to resist these.

We’ve been off eBay for a while now given all the hassles with the site, but intend to kickstart that again this weekend, so keep a lookout for bargains there, remember it’ll always be cheaper here, just ask. 

Is anyone excited about the new season of  ‘Into the Badlands’ or what? 

26 March 2017

The time between updates here tells a story… we were so busy messing with the site layout that we created an irreparable error and had to redo the entire site design! Well, long story short, after days of work we are back with a new, bigger - site design, we hope you like it! Along the way we have got some other ideas but we’ll improve as we find the time. At this point we combined general hardcovers with paperbacks on ‘A’ only, we think this will work moving forward but some feedback on this change would be great. 

Given all the work on the site we haven’t had much time to read but did complete Luke Scull's ‘The Grim Company’ trilogy. A very enjoyable series that one felt could have been lengthier but was still concluded rather well. We’ll definitely look out for more of Luke Scull’s work in future. We have almost completed the first book in ‘The Dandelion Trilogy’, ‘ The Grace of Kings’. Punted as a Chinese ‘Game of Thrones’, Ken Liu creates a world that from our perspective is reminicent of Barry Hughart’s ‘Master Li and Number Ten Ox’ trilogy. Given our appreciation of that great work 'Grace of Kings’ has been very entertaining indeed.

We have a number of new books that have come in and will update accordingly, but as with everything else, work on these has been delayed due to the site rebuild. Normality soon prevail once again and we’ll be posting and updating fortnightly moving forward.

We thought we’d add a list of music that we are currently listening to, trivia, but we feel good about it.

5 February 2017

First book sale of the year done. We picked up a brace of great new books which will keep us busy for the next few weeks. What people will discard never fails to amaze, but happy day!

Reworking/rethinking page layouts for the site is taking up most of our time now, gaining consensus is difficult as there are so many ways to go. Ultimately we are staring down the barrel of a ton of rework, damn! So to date, we have completed Abercrombie, Adams, Aldiss, Banks and Scalzi, whilst we’ve done ‘A’ of the general hardcovers. The question now is - do we just combine both hard and softcover sections entirely? - this makes sense on a general ' these are all the authors books we have’ level, but will get messy on the one-offs where we have no hardcovers. We don’t intend to have much detail on paperbacks. Still taking feedback folks!

We finished ‘The Liberation’, and what a great trilogy ‘The Alchemy Wars’ is, we are sure there are reasons as to why this series hasn’t reached best seller status - we just don’t understand.

As we stated upfront ‘Slab City Blues’ arrived and late nights began! We love a good noir setting with some fast paced action, and when this is crafted by Anthony Ryan, well…

And of course we read ‘Miniatures’ by John Scalzi - as expected -very funny - loved “The Other Large Thing,” but then it’s about a cat.

Next up for us is ‘Dead Man’s Steel’ which hopefully concludes ‘The Grim Company’ series by Luke Scull. We say hopefully but that’s just because we love this series so much that waiting around for another book would be a pain.

21 January 2017

We have continued to work on content and format of our site pages, so far we have redone Adams, Aldiss and Scalzi. We collect or have a fair bit of info on each book and we are trying to work out how best to present this. Now that we’ve changed some things it’ll be good to get some feedback before we spend too much time on revamping stuff. 

We started up our Facebook posts, it’s hard to get out there though without paying to boost posts when you are a business. Hopefully friends will forward to others. 

On the reading front we completed ‘The Unhewn Throne’ trilogy by Brian Staveley. Really enjoyable trilogy with original thought to ‘magic’ and world building. We found the characters well grounded and solid. Recommended read. We will definitely be getting the next novel which is set in the same world.

Now though we are treating ourselves to the final installment of Ian Tregillus’s ‘Alchemy Wars’ trilogy - ‘The Liberation’, we have consistently enjoyed the first two in the set and the last is just as compelling. Totally novel idea for a fairly violent  story and well written with a rapid pace. Steampunk can be great. 

3 January 2017

We’re back and looking forward to a great year ahead. So much to do! We’ve started fairly ambitiously with some redesign work on the site, and after some feedback will continue to add more detail to the books as we go. We managed to get through a number of books since our last update, starting with ‘The Red Rising Trilogy’ - it was a great read, the books truly measured up to all the hype, really enjoyed the series , a movie would be awesome. 

We then took a slight detour and read ‘The Shadow of the Wind’ by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, this was mainly due to us inadvertently getting a copy of all three Subterranean Press signed limited editions in the series and we had not read any of his work. The book was good, definitely dark, the Spanish setting and references to the civil war were interesting and certainly conveyed the gothic elements well. But ultimately the story was probably a tad to mainstream for our taste.

Finally we haven’t  finished the ‘Unhewn Throne” trilogy as yet, the books are long, we’re down to the final book and  loving it. Brian Staveley has done a great job of world building with strong characters, a good mix of violence and intrigue and although we are a third of the way into the final book the end is still unguessable.

9 December 2016

We’re off on vacation till January, much deserved we think. During this period we hope to finish ‘Red Rising’ and ‘The Unhewn Throne’ trilogies - as well as eat, drink and be merry! If you have been following these threads - all the best to you and yours across the season and we look forward to catching up in 2017!

20 November 2016

We are slowly getting better at this we hope, it is nice to alter all the images on the home page with every update - we do have so many really interesting or good looking books that we’d like people to see. Whilst waiting for the Brian Staveley books to arrive we got started on Pierce Brown’s ‘Red Rising’ trilogy. Ok, we now get all the hype, wall to wall action, and if we were to provide a description (see previous post pages - 23 October) it would be something along these lines:

‘It’s like 'The Hunger Games' and 'The Amtrak Wars' wrapped up in ‘Ilium’

But actually it’s quite hard to nail down - basically its a great fast paced, first person, read that engages well on character development with heavy violence and a Roman theme. Doesn’t help, does it. Anyway - read it. We are well into book two and will have completed the series before our next update. 

As you may note we’ve retitled our “Top 20 Lists” page with the inspirational title ‘Our Lists’ (the hours of thought that went into that!) and we’ll be adding stuff there as we go.

6 November 2016

We’ve been hinting for weeks now that we were hunting a ‘ Moby dick’ and ‘Mort’ was it! The story itself has a special place in our hearts and we are very happy to have got this at a relatively good price, we’re sure that this will be a great long term investment!

Well the new look front end is working out for us so far, we like the flexibility it gives to change images which allows us to be a little artistic! As stated on the home page we found a number of anthologies that were not originally added, but whilst adding these we also noted that some of our original images were just bad, so we will slowly be redoing a lot of these over the next few months - painful, but so you learn. 

We finished Cixin Liu’s 'The Three-Body Problem' Trilogy and it was impressive, however it started to get really out there by the end of book three, so we stand by our original thought that perhaps a duology would have sufficed. We immediately began Brian Staveley’s ‘The Emperor’s Blades’, book one of ‘The Unhewn Throne”. We wanted to see if we should get the whole trilogy as these aren’t cheaply available  - needless to say we loved it and the remaining books are on the way. More on this series next time. 

Finally we have added our annual reading lists to the Top 20 List pages, we’ll probably need to rename this page in the future, but it does help knowing what we’ve been reading so we can remember to get the next book in the series!. 

23 October 2016

As you should note we’ve done a major retrofit of the site over the last couple of weeks and so much has been added that it’ll be hard to list it all down here. First though we’d love some feedback from yourselves on the new Home page and browsing options - keep or go back to the prior design? Secondly we’ve had quite a run of new arrivals and we’ve already added these to the site, but it’ll take us a while to cycle through the news on these - some are pretty impressive though. We’ve also spent some time at the ‘Wyrd Workshop’ cleaning up the ‘GOR’ set that arrived in bad shape and Croc Covering a number of new arrivals. We do love the way Croc Covers improve the overall look and feel of the books- its amazing.

On the reading front we must say that Cixin Liu continues to blow us away - ‘The Dark Forest’ was even better than the first book and frankly he could have ended it there - but no, onto book three and again manages to take it up a notch. This is why we love SF!. Thankfully book three actually arrived on the day we finished ‘Dark Forest’ and since these are all the UK signed limited editions, seeing the complete set was very gratifying. These are so impressive that someone listed them on eBay for $10 000 - just so people would stop and look at how nice a set they are!

9 October 2016

It’s been quite a couple of weeks, and if you check out the new arrivals page you’ll note that  we’ve had a large number of new books come in and there are still more on the way! Which is great, but we still need to sell books which frankly isn’t happening at the same rate as purchasing. It’s not necessarily the money but the space! On the site front, we spent some time adding the Easton Press editions to the various pages correcting things as we went along - hopefully this is noticeable to some. 

We’ve been reading a a fair rate recently and have completed ‘Infernal’ by Mark De Jager and it was ok, that’s it really, nothing truly poor but consider it like a really good ‘made for tv’ movie, it has all the elements needed for a blockbuster but something is lacking.

 On the opposite to that we’ve also just finished ‘The Three-Body Problem’ by Cixin Liu, this is the first of a trilogy titled 'Remembrance of Earth’s Past' ( but Chinese readers generally refer to the series by the title of the first novel).  The title itself refers to the three-body problem in orbital mechanics. The work was serialized in Science Fiction World in 2006, published as a book in 2008 and became one of the most popular science fiction novels in China. It received the Chinese Science Fiction Galaxy Award in 2006. A film adaptation of the same name is scheduled for release in 2017. An English translation by Ken Liu was published by Tor Books in 2014. It won the 2015 Hugo Award for Best Novel and was nominated for the 2014 Nebula Award for Best Novel. Blockbuster!

Very enjoyable hard core SF and the references to the Cultural Revolution were powerful. We’re well into the second novel, hopefully the third will arrive next week!

25 September 2016

Well, we finished 'The Waking Fire’, alas this means waiting for another year for the next instalment!. Great book, it had everything we look for in a story, original plot, solid world construction (lots of potential here), novel use of magic and dragons, grit, humour and action - yep, we liked it! Easily the best book we’ve had for the year, and that’s up against ‘Sleeping Giant’s’, ’Saint’s Blood’ and 'Sharp End’s’! 

We’re well into ‘Infernal’ by Mark de Jager, which is enjoyable so far, we’ll reserve judgement at this point though.

We’re hoping for a brace of special arrivals in the coming weeks, frankly the waiting is killing us!. As you can see we received some more Easton Press editions this week and whilst posting these it struck us that we have not included the Easton Press books in any pages other than the Easton Collection, so that will imply that anyone who is looking for a special book by a specific author will not realise that these are available (duh), we’ll have to correct that in the coming weeks. 

Finally, we got a couple of hooks into our latest ‘Moby Dick’ but unfortunately it managed to get away, so we continue to scour the web in search...

11 September 2016

We added another two Author Pages this week - J. G. Ballard and Bram Stoker. The Stoker page in particular was a necessary addition given all the ‘Dracula’ references we have about the place, one would expect to see a Mary Shelley page shortly. The one bugger about researching the Stoker page is we’ve now seen the new signed limited Easton Press illustrated edition of Dracula which is now bothering us, and to make matters worse we also noted the Easton Press signed limited edition of The Windup Girl!. If money doesn’t buy happiness, surely it buys books, which equal happiness right?. Other that that we’ve added most of the new arrivals in their respective slots. We are expecting a few notable books to arrive shortly and we’ve got ourselves a new ‘Moby Dick’ so we are seriously hunting currently and will hopefully reveal it sometime this year (if we ever find a reasonably priced copy).

4 September 2016

Been a bit busy finally updating all the new arrivals to their respective spots. We finished ‘The Malice’ which was an altogether more rewarding book than ‘The Vagrant ‘, this may be because Newman’s world was already established in book one and the flow of events was smoother. The use of goats must be a first in the genre!. A recommended read. Also we took some time out to read some Clark Ashton Smith work and started with ‘Genius Loci’, a collection of tales spanning his career. Rarely have we come across someone who so entrenches the landscape in the storyline, very descriptive style and reading these now, a little dated. Still, most of the the stories are gripping and unique. We’ll continue to read more of Smith’s work. For now though we are starting the new Anthony Ryan series with ‘The Waking Fire’ and we’re excited!

21 August 2016

As we stated on the home page we have received some wonderful new books, the Clark Ashton Smith really blew us away as the quality of the book was totally unexpected. We now need to find out more about Smith’s work - we seem to have a gap in his regard. We also got a couple of other great books (The Aquila Rift) and will try to talk more to them in a fortnight. We finally finished Ready Player One, it was ok. A lot of eighties references made it easy in some respects but the gaming aspects were a bit ‘meh’. Now into 'The Malice’ and it’s as odd, but gripping as ‘The Vagrant’ so far. We missed out on a Subterranean Press 'Grab Bag’ offer this week - very miffed on that account. Serenity now...

8 August 2016

We’ve been busy with our new Bargains and Deals section, so much so we’ve fallen behind on everything else! Anyway we’ve made a reasonable start but these things have a way of demanding more attention or upgrading. Still busy with 'Ready Player One', very 80’s orientated story - so at least we can keep up with the references!

24 July 2016

Lots of new arrivals to keep us busy this week, it’ll take a while to get these sorted, more pressing is where will they go.... However we could not be diverted from finishing ‘Sleeping Giants’ which was brillant. Can’t wait for the sequel. We’ve just got started on Ready Player One, another one of those books that somehow slip passed in the night. Anyway we’ve ordered the Easton signed limited to correct the error. We’ve got a number of books that we will be covering in Croc Covers in the next few weeks, looks like we will need to start a page for these books moving forward.  

10 July 2016

We’ve been travelling and that means hours of reading time on planes and at hotels! So we’ve rushed through three novels starting with Sharp End’s - and it was great, just what we expected from Abercrombie, simple. Then we moved on to the swashbuckling 'Saint’s Blood' by Sebastien De Castell - the third in the Greatcoats series and it was fun, fast and full of adventure, highly recommended. Finally, we realised that our past reading this year has been heavily skewed towards fantasy, so we made a conscious effort to get in some sci-fi, starting off with a book we’ve always wanted to read but never got to - The Night of the Triffids by Simon Clark. A direct sequel to that all time phenomenal classic (one of the best reads ever!) The Day of the Triffids, we thoroughly enjoyed the book, obviously not as good as the original but still a good read, very pulpy in style.

Now we are reading a debut novel by Sylvian Neuvel - Sleeping Giants (Themis Files#1). 

The Blurb:

A girl named Rose is riding her new bike near her home in Deadwood, South Dakota, when she falls through the earth. She wakes up at the bottom of a square hole, its walls glowing with intricate carvings. But the firemen who come to save her peer down upon something even stranger: a little girl in the palm of a giant metal hand.

Seventeen years later, the mystery of the bizarre artifact remains unsolved—its origins, architects, and purpose unknown. Its carbon dating defies belief; military reports are redacted; theories are floated, then rejected.

But some can never stop searching for answers.

Rose Franklin is now a highly trained physicist leading a top secret team to crack the hand’s code. And along with her colleagues, she is being interviewed by a nameless interrogator whose power and purview are as enigmatic as the provenance of the relic. What’s clear is that Rose and her compatriots are on the edge of unraveling history’s most perplexing discovery—and figuring out what it portends for humanity. But once the pieces of the puzzle are in place, will the result prove to be an instrument of lasting peace or a weapon of mass destruction?

The book has been compared to ‘World War Z’ and ‘The Martian’, and apart from the narrative being that of a series of interviews, we see no other commonality at all to these. We’re halfway through and wow! It’s good, we’re hooked!