Wyrd Musings 


6 June 2021

We’re awaiting the Centipede Press release of Dune this month, hopefully we get a signed copy but there is always some risk when it comes to releases like this one. It’s that time of year again, the biggest book fair in Sydney will be on 1st July (Covid withstanding) so we’ll be getting ready for an early morning and a big day. Lots more books coming in and no time to process as usual.

We managed to catch the new Guy Richie movie ‘Wrath of Man’, that was really good. We’ve been caught up with ‘Mare of Easttown' another show that frankly is unmissable. Hopefully we get more like this in the near future.

Still no new music worth mentioning at this, unbelievable!


6 May 2021

Time is not on our side! We’ve been so busy with other life activities that we have really fallen behind schedule with the new website. Given the pace of things here we’ll probably be going slow until July. Frustrating. Amazing books keep rolling in, and we really need to notch up a couple of sales as funding new books is starting to bite, it doesn’t help that some publishers are now releasing editions above $750, every month!

'Ted Lasso’, watch it. Other great TV has been  ‘Mayans M.C.’ and of course ‘Line of Duty’ (that show just blows your mind). We watched ‘Wanda Vision’ , hmmm, probably not the best. We wouldn’t rush out for a second season. 

Still no amazing new music and the movies also seem slow to deliver anything groundbreaking. 

Stay well

21 March 2021

We’ve been out and about this month, and managed to finish two books along the way, we enjoyed both, 'The Boundless' was a good conclusion to another  Peter Newman story that we just cannot define. The website build is up to the final page of ‘K’ so we are advancing but still slowly, Easter coming up may not help things. We’re reading Peter F. Hamilton’s ‘Salvation Sequence’ now that the final novel has arrived, it’s pretty good so far. 

Movies, ‘The Jack Snyder Cut’, seems pretty good at 4 hours long, aside from that we have ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier;’ ‘Mayans M.C.’ and of course ‘Line of Duty’ S06 starts tonight! Looking good folks.


23 February 2021

We’ve got up to the letter ‘H’ on the new site, we must say that it’s looking great and frankly keeping the current site running is a real challenge mentally, we just want to move on already. 

We started to travel for work again which limits available website time but increases reading time so hopefully we’ll get through more books this year. Our first book sale is on the 6 March 21, so that’s hopeful, there should be some real gems out there now. We finished ‘The Trouble with Peace’ and it was fantastic, we totally didn’t know where it was going and the final book could go anywhere at this point. We’re just going to whiz through the Ryan novella before starting ‘The Boundless’, that’ll be different.

Still no drop dead movies and frankly there isn’t that much on the TV even though we’re certainly watching a lot of ‘stuff’, it’s just not that amazing.

We’re still not getting those steps folks…


23 January 2021

We’re starting the new year quite optimistically, hopefully we’ll get a few more book sales in ’21. We wanted to have our new site completed but we ran into significant software issues and that has put the whole project back by months unfortunately. We will get this done this year! As per usual an amazing amount of new editions from all our favourite publishers promises to both enchant and impoverish us. 

On the movie front, well what can we say, not much happening there as yet, we can but hope for more this year, ‘Bond’ has been pushed back yet again so who knows. What we are excited about is the potential of a season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’ and all the other great stuff we’re expecting on the small screen, thank god for that!

We had a relatively poor reading year and expect to do better this year, we’re certainly off to a good start with Abercrombie’s ‘Trouble with Peace’ which frankly I can’t see anyone beating to the prize of ‘Best Read’ - it’s amazing!

We have off course gained some Xmas weight, no surprise there as we also had to isolate due to Covid concerns so Xmas food + isolation = Fat!, therefore back to 10,000 steps a day folks.

Well that’s all for now.