Wyrd Musings 


14 December 2020

We’re looking back on a really different year and whilst it wasn’t as tough as 2019 for us, we know many have suffered, so let’s hope that next year is just better all round. We hope to have the new website up when we first post in January but it will be a stretch. In the meantime we go on leave, and between working on said website we hope to relax and enjoy Xmas with family and friends till the New Year.

We really enjoyed ‘The Broken Empire’ trilogy, reminiscent of ‘The Left Hand of God’ by Paul Hoffman. Whilst we’re desperate to read the new Abercrombie and Anthony Ryan books we feel we owe it to the genre to read ‘Rynosseros’, we do hate having gaps in our coverage, it’s great so far... 

We’ve seen ‘Tenet’ and no, it wasn’t great, we enjoyed ‘Honest Thief’ more believe it or not. On the TV front we loved ‘Warrior S02’, and ‘Discovery’ and The Mandalorian’ continue to impress but the best Xmas gift  is the arrival of ‘The Expanse S05’!

All the best for the festive season and the New Year folks, thanks for checking in, we look forward to bigger and better!


10 November 2020

The end of the year rushes towards us, thankfully there has been some good news out of the US and we are starting to manage this Covid thing over here at least, maybe next year we can have book sales once more. We’ve been hard at work with the new site and we’re up to the letter ‘F’, the end of year target seems impossible at this point but we’ll keep at it. We’re at capacity once more, and there simply isn’t room to try and reorder things around again, a solution will be needed soon…

We started ‘The Broken Empire’ trilogy by Mark Lawrence, very good, we’re getting into it, this is our second attempt, we previously just didn’t connect with Jorg, this may not be a turn for the better though.

On the TV front we’re well into 'Star Trek Discovery', 'The Mandalorian', and of course ‘Fargo’

Thats all for now, stay safe!

05 October 2020

Tough times all around us folks, 2020 is certainly piling on the stress and we urge everyone to keep an eye out on people around you, you never know who may be in need of some help. On that note we’re all okay here, slogging our way through building the new site, our end of year deadline is starting to look really optimistic!. We’ve said it before but seriously, buying the collector books is hard work these days, there are a lot of interested parties out there and if you miss a beat the books are gone. Suntup Editions copy of ‘Necromancer’ didn’t even go on sale, all 250 copies went via lottery! Anyway we do have some beauties in the stable so we can’t really complain. 

‘Ninefox Gambit’ is frankly tough going, we’re getting through it but probably not comprehending a third of the text, a book shouldn’t be this hard to read.

TV this period has been great, 'The Boys’, ‘Raised by Wolves’ and ‘Lovecraft Country’, all great suff, we do miss good new movies though. We’ve restarted ‘Stranger Things’ wow, that was great right?

Cheers and stay safe.

13 September 2020

Hi, great set of books this month huh? - there must be something special about September. As usual we are flat out on all fronts, which given the whole covid thing is probably a good thing. But we frustratingly, aren’t making rapid progress on the new site and our end of year deadline is fast approaching, this means still more effort is required! 

Anyway, two great albums recently released, loving both Metallica and The Killers right now but huge let down from Seether, no idea what they were trying to do, not happening.

Anthony Ryan continues to deliver and we loved ‘Black Song’, more, please more..

We are totally stoked with ‘The Boys S02’ , so wrong yet brilliant, also surprised with ‘Raised by Wolves’, we’ll see where it goes, where the hell is the new season of ‘Mayans’?

Spring at last!

Cheers for now, stay safe.

16 August 2020

We’ve had a fairly hectic month at work and between that and the daily Covid environment management we’re not getting much reading time. Also we’ve begun working on the alternate site layout, which looks great and we’re now really ready to begin the pages, our target is to launch on 1 Jan 21. 

We’ve managed to get our hands on multiple copies of Yoon Ha Lee’s ‘Machineries of Empire’ trilogy, so we’re slightly excited by that given how quickly these were sold. Look out for these on our next update.

We’ve completed ‘Hanna S02’ good stuff, and we’re struggling with ‘Dogs of Berlin’, catching ‘Umbrella Academy S02’ in between things, and we can’t wait for S02 of ‘The Boys’, that was a great series.

That’s all for now folks, stay safe.

12 July 2020

A hectic month but all’s well here at least, as we stated we’re still getting all our mail but no local book sales so we are looking at a pretty low stock build this year unless there’s a major shift in policy. Publishers have certainly not stopped putting out new titles, we’re already well into next years orders! We’re currently playing around with ‘Blocs’ and may use this as the next platform for the site but the changeover looms like a prison term, it’ll be a lot of work, but a refresh is needed we think.

We blitzed through the John Salzi ‘Interdependency Saga’, what an entertaining read!, we love Scalzi’s work and he certainly didn’t disappoint, highly recommended trilogy. We also gobbled up an Anthony Ryan ‘Raven’s Shadow’ novella in prep for ‘The Black Song’ which is due anytime now. It does irritate that Ryan releases these novella’s in ebook format only in most cases, we don’t do that shit man.

Musically we’ve had a bit of fun discovering Johnny Cash’s American Recordings and wow, these were refreshing and yeah country, still anything where Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were the backing sound must be worth some time right?

We’ve been watching a Korean TV series  called ‘Bad Guys:Vile City’ which was great, also finished ‘Marcella S03’, that lady has issues.. Now starting the German series ‘Dogs of Berlin’ and very excited about ‘Hanna S02’. ‘The City and The City’ was a disappointment unfortunately.

Thats all for now, stay well all.

7 June 2020

It continues, hopefully this month we’ll see some return to normality but we fear that there will be a second wave and what then? Holding thumbs here. On a depressing note we had one of our shipments take some damage, which really upset us, so we now have some stock which is slightly ‘dinged’ - there are words we’d like to add here, but. We are trying to take the long view here and honestly we have had a good run for a long while with postage.

We finished ‘Black Hawks’ which unfortunately didn’t live up to the hype, ‘Kings of the Wyld’ it ain’t. We thought we’d give Ed McDonald a go finishing off ‘Blackwing’ quite quickly which was good but we’re just not invested enough to want to find out what happens next, plus when you’ve got a recently completed Scalzi trilogy just sitting there…

We’re still rocking on some really good old stuff here and we were really happy to discover a brace of Tom Cochrane albums previously unheard, they are just great albums, great.

For entertainment we really enjoyed 'War of the Worlds S01’ (French/Anglo), ‘Briarpatch’, ‘Cardinal S04’ and ‘Killing Eve S03’. We just got hold of ‘The City and The City’ - who knew? and we’ve been catching up on Korean movies, and loving it! - ‘The Host” was great!

Cheers all!

3 May 2020

Well we’re still in ‘lock downish’ mode here, and yeah it seems the postal service is slow to, at least that’s the hope otherwise we’ve lost some parcels, which is stressing us a bit. We’re still walking as much as possible and that’s going well, believe it or not we apparently walked 180km last month, which is just great. 

You’ll note from the music section that we are listening to a lot of different albums in isolation, a lot of these are older SA albums as Google now has a range of these available, we’ve been really taken by Squeal’s debut album and the Falling Mirror compilation album, also aKing, who knew?

Finished ‘Ozark’ S03, WOW. Due to no movies being available we decided to check out Korean movies, and really pleasantly surprised. 'The Villianess’ opening sequence makes ‘John Wick’ look like he’s some kinda wannabe. Anyway we are also enjoying ‘Gangs of London’, and of course ‘Killing Eve’ S03 - hilarious!

Cheers for now.

12 April 2020

Strange days indeed. We’re working from home and in semi ‘lock down’ mode here. We’re trying like everyone else to balance couch time and some form of exercise which for us works out at two longish walks a day when possible, sans mask though. Also we’ve upped our reading time trying to make up for our usual commute read which obviously vanished, thus we rapidly finished ‘Gideon the Ninth’, which in hindsight just isn’t our thing, we could never really see the screen, so it’s a bit of a surprise that the book has been so well received but there you go, we’re all different.

Isolation has meant that we are getting a lot more traffic on the site which is great, with Fritz Leiber the author most in demand, we’ll certainly continue to work on making the site an interesting place to visit. We love the Glenn Chadbourne idea and continue to try and get more dust jackets when possible, if other artists did the same, it’d be great. 

So no major movies but certainly lots of entertaining TV, we tried and got hooked on the Korean period zombie series ‘Kingdom’, great fun there, we’re still watching ‘Ozark' S3,  loving 'Strike Back' S8 and excited about ‘Cardinal’ S4.

Musically we’re just cruising past albums and other remote stuff.

And we’ll see the end of hot cross buns soon, damn!

We wish you and yours the best in these trying times. 


15 March 2020

As stated we got to see Elton John last week and as things are looking that may well have been one of the final shows for some time. It was a great concert, he puts on a show, as you’d expect with his experience. But since that event things have obviously taken a turn for the worse and we are feeling the effects of the COVID pandemic in a variety of ways, least of which is the devaluing of currency causing us to slow down international purchases and we have concerns on shipping and postage security. Hopefully we get past the peak of things rapidly.

We have already pointed out the large amount of books that we’ve been working on and there are still more on the way, but we think that the planned forthcoming sales will be cancelled this year which will retard new books substantially moving forward. And now movies are being delayed, not happy news for us movie lovers.

We just finished ‘Altered Carbon S2’, wow, 'Narcos S2’, brilliant, and still lots to see thankfully.

Just discovered 3 Doors Down’s 2016 ‘Us and the Night’ album and realise that it’s actually the lost Rob Thomas album… nice though.

Cheers and stay safe and healthy!

1 March 2020

Well we saw Queen with Adam Lambert fronting the band, what can we say, best tribute band performance ever. It is worth the effort. Man, the crown loves to sing along to a Queen song! Anyway this week we’re off to see Elton John, again a bit of a surprise there but if it’s anything like Queen it’ll be fantastic. 

Books!, we’re so pleased about those Babel editions, they are just great, and we’ve got so many interesting books coming in this year, it really has started amazingly. We finished Peter F. Hamilton's  ‘Salvation’, the first of a trilogy, and it was honestly boring for the first half of the book, Hamilton goes to great detail setting things up, but things ramp up in the second half, enough to have us ordering the second novel immediately.

Tv has us spoilt for choice, 'Narcos S2’, ‘Deputy’, ‘Hunters’, and now ‘Altered Carbon S2”, seriously, how can we get any reading in at this rate?

Green Day’s latest album ‘Father of All….’  rocks, but you need to turn it up.


9 February 2020

From fires to floods, it’s been raining for three days solid and not letting up!, thankfully our hobby is an indoor activity. So we got a brace of new books in at the sale, which we have yet to work on and list, because we keep getting sidetracked by new arrivals like that ERB edition, we immediately bought a second copy by the way. So a lot to look forward too  additionally we’ve had some phenomenal book sales of late, always a bittersweet thing for us, but still great in concept right?

Aside from the books we’ve got the new Theory of a Deadman album, ‘Say Nothing’ and it’s good but certainly more laid back than their earlier albums. We also discovered Shinedown, now that's what we're talking about! We’re also binging on Halestorms’ ‘I like it heavy’ for some reason.

One more episode of ‘Justified’ to go, we’ll be lost. We’re struggling to get into the recent crop of tv series but maybe that’s just us, we gave ‘The Outsider’ a view, seems a bit of a downer frankly. Finally we saw ‘Parasite’ and yep it lives up to the Oscar hype, great movie and we hate subtitles. 

Queen in concert next week folks!

Cheers for now...

26 January 2020

We’re right into it this year, as predicted choices abound from various publishers making for some hard calls. We couldn’t resist the Suntup edition of ‘Red Dragon’ though, looks gorgeous, we are talking the ‘gift’ edition here, Suntup certainly aren’t cheap when it comes to the limited and lettered states of their editions. We’ve discovered ‘GIMP’ which allows us to crop images as we’ve done with ‘The Stand’, nice tool but man, distracting, we certainly lost a few hours there. Aside from cropping images we’ve added a new page under the ‘Trivia' section, Edgeworks,  we are finally doing something about those pesky soiled page edges on some, of what should be, really great books. It isn’t easy but the finished item is great and we get to use GIMP on the image!

‘The Ruthless’  Peter Newman’s second novel in the ‘Deathless’ trilogy took us back into what can only be described as a strange and macabre world, what Newman does with his characters in a few words is incredible, as with ‘The Vagrant’ one has a ‘sense’ of things rather than actual facts, it’s good. We should see the conclusion this year.

We’re still watching ‘Justified’, unbelievably, but have also completed the somewhat disappointing ‘The Witcher’ season one, we’re back at ‘Brittania’ season two for the final few episodes, love the soundtrack and it’s quirky. But big hit with us is ‘Deputy’ that’s great, we want more of this. Movie-wise we enjoyed ‘Dr. Sleep’, ‘1917’ was very good and we finally got to see ‘Zombieland Double Tap’ which was simple fun. We did catch one we missed last year, 'The King’, which was really worth it.

First 2020 book sale on 02 February, so wish us luck!


1 January 2020

Right, that's the end of that.


Looking forward to a happier year and hopefully decade for all of us!!

Best wishes Everyone!