Silverberg, Robert: 

What can one say about Silverberg, multiple winner of both Hugo and Nebula Awards, editor of vast anthologies - including the supreme ‘Legends’. He wrote one of our favourite books - Lord Valentine's Castle, the first of his novels about Majipoor, which originally stated out as a trilogy. This is a copy of the very subdued Harper and Row signed limited edition.

There is just so much to enjoy about Silverberg’s work…


                                                                                                                                    Arbor House - First Edition                                                    Arbor House - Signed/Limited 

Majipoor Series:


                 Voyager - First Edition                                    Macmillan - First Edition                                      Macmillan - First Edition                    Subterranean Press - Signed/Limited 


                                                                                        Easton Press Editions                                                                                                      Subterranean Press - Signed/Limited

Published in 1972, Robert Silverberg’s The Book of Skulls confounded reviewers and science fiction fans with its then-present day road-trip setting, seemingly non-science fiction elements, and experimental narrative encompassing four different points of view. 

This new edition of The Book of Skulls features a new introduction by Malcolm Edwards, an afterword by Robert Silverberg, a gallery of covers of previous editions of the book, and new cover and endpaper artwork by John Anthony di Giovanni. In addition, the book’s frontispiece is a reprint of Jim Burns’s cover for the 1980s Bantam paperback, here reproduced in gorgeous full color, with no obscuring title or author information.The edition is limited to 300 copies.

Signed by all contributors.

Centipede Press

Early Days collects seventeen impossible to find stories from the years 1956 to 1958, supplemented by a fascinating introduction and extensive notes on the creation and publication history of each story. Together, these non-fiction pieces constitute both an episodic memoir and an affectionate history of an era when pulp magazines still dominated the SF marketplace.

Without exception, each of the stories in Early Days offers honest, unpretentious entertainment. The stories range in tone from the grimly dystopian future of “The Inquisitor” to the playful “Space Is the Place,” in which a maintenance technician from Crawford IX experiences comic culture shock during a mandatory vacation on Earth. “Rescue Mission” revolves around the telepathic connection between two interplanetary intelligence agents. “Housemaid No. 103” provides a humorous glimpse into the romantic difficulties of a far future matinee idol. “Harwood’s Vortex” combines a mad scientist, alien invaders, and the possible end of life as we know it into a single colorful narrative. Limited: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies

Dust jacket illustration by Jim Burns.

Robert Silverberg’s The Emperor and the Maula was written in 1992 for an aborted publishing project and has been printed only once, in a radically abbreviated version. This deluxe new edition restores more than 15,000 words of missing text, allowing us to see, for the first time, the author’s original intent. The result is both a genuine publishing event and an unexpected gift for Silverberg’s legion of readers.

The Emperor and the Maula is Silverberg’s Scheherazade tale, the story of a woman telling a story in order to extend—and ultimately preserve—her life. The Scheherazade of this striking story is Laylah Walis, denizen of a far-future Earth which has been invaded and conquered by a star-faring race known as the Ansaarans. Laylah is a “maula,” a barbarian forbidden, under pain of death, to set foot on the sacred home worlds of the imperial conquerors. Knowing the risks, Laylah travels to Haraar, home of the galactic emperor himself. Once there, she delays her execution by telling the emperor a story—and telling it well.

That story, the tale within a tale that dominates this book, is, in fact, Laylah’s own story. It is also the story of the beleaguered planet Earth, of people struggling, often futilely, to oppose their alien masters and restore their lost independence. Colorful, seamlessly written, and always powerfully imagined, The Emperor and the Maula shows us Grandmaster Silverberg at his representative best. This is science fiction as it should be written, but all too seldom is. No one does it better than Robert Silverberg. No one ever has.

Subterranean Press first edition

The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg:


                                                                         Subterranean Press - First Editions                                                                                          Subterranean Press - Signed/Limited


                                                             Gollancz - First Editions                                                                                                        Warner - First Editions 


                  Nelson - First Edition                                         Nelson - First Edition                                          Sidgwick - First Edition                                      Scribner - First Edition


                     Gollancz - First Edition                                     Gollancz - First Edition                                       Gollancz - First Edition                                        eos - First Edition


                    Follett - First Edition                                           Grafton - First Edition                                    Harper Collins - First Edition                               Scribner - First Edition 


                Gollancz - First Edition                                       Scribner - First Edition                                      Doubleday - First Edition                                      Rapp & Whiting - First Edition          



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