Morgan, Richard K.: 


Altered Carbon is the novel that put Richard K. Morgan on the map, a fusion of Blade Runner noir and far future hard science tied together with a skull slamming narrative. 

It's really that good,  seriously.

Altered Carbon is the first of three novels featuring Takeshi Kovacs as a former U.N. elite soldier and a native of Harlan's World, unfortunately Morgan has stated that he won’t do any further 'Kovacs' novels.

A Netflix series has been created and is pretty cool.

Morgan has also completed a fantasy trilogy 'A Land Fit for Heroes’.

This is a signed UK first edition.




                                                   Gollancz - First Editions - Signed                                                            Gollancz - First Edition - Signed                              Gollancz - First Edition

Morgan revisits the futuristic noir vibe of his best-known work, Altered Carbon, in this glacially paced and overly macho offering that tackles politics, corruption, and espionage in a human settlement on Mars. Hakan Veil is a recovering overrider, a genetically modified human tasked with commandeering control of haulage space vessels should the crew mutiny or a mission go awry. Overriders are blunt instruments bred for brutality, so the decommissioned Veil is the ideal bodyguard to protect Madison Madekwe when she and the other Earth Oversight Committee auditors arrive on Mars, kicking up a firestorm of political unrest. Amid growing terroristic violence and murder, Veil must confront his checkered past and overcome his own primal urges to ensure the safety of his charge and the stability of his adoptive home world. 

Del Rey - first edition hardcover

A Land Fit for Heroes:


                                  Gollancz - First Edition - Signed                                                 Gollancz - First Edition                                                          Gollancz - First Edition


                                                                                                                          Subterranean Press - Signed/Limited