Kerr, Katharine: 

Kerr is best known for her ‘Deverry Cycle’ books which at this point number fifteen novels and the series contains four ‘acts/arcs’ related to one another. We have the first two ‘acts’. 

This is a first edition copy of her SF detective novel, not bad:

'Polar City is the capital of Hagar, one of the few worlds on which the tiny, human-dominated Republic sits, squeezed between the Interstellar Confederation and the enormous Coreward Alliance. When an alien from the Confederation Embassy is murdered, Police Chief Bates faces an explosive situation.’

Followed by the sequel (Gollancz First Edition):


 Act One - Deverry:


                                                                                                                                  Grafton - First Editions

Act Two - The Westlands:


                                                                                                                      Grafton/Harper Collins - First Editions



                                                                                  DAW - First Edition                                                               Voyager - First Edition