The Rats Trilogy


The Rats was Herbert's first novel and included graphic depictions of death and mutilation.  The Rats was followed by two sequels, Lair and Domain.The first paperback edition sold out after three weeks. The Rats received harsh criticism upon its publication. It was deemed to be far too graphic in its portrayals of death and mutilation and that the social commentary regarding the neglect of London's suburbs was too extremist. For some reviewers, the novel was not literature, and not an example of good writing. However, many consider the novel to be social commentary influenced by Herbert's harsh upbringing in immediate post-war London. 

Centipede Press recently released a signed limited set of the trilogy - and commisioned David Ho for the dust cover artwork which is truly unsettling to look at and would be a real problem if you have rat issues. 

Good thing they toned down the death and mutilation!

This is the first time The Rats and its sequels been published in hardcover in the United States, and as such they are true first editions. This is also the definitive edition, with a lengthy, heavily-illustrated introduction by Stephen Jones, reproductions (in color) of old hardcover and paperback editions, and illustrations by David Ho and Jason C. Eckhardt.

Smyth sewn, with head and tail bands, ribbon marker, and full color dustjacket with extra-long flaps. Set in Caslon, the book is 6 × 9 inches. Limited to 300 copies, each book is signed by Stephen Jones, Jason C. Eckhardt and David Ho, along with a Herbert-family-approved James Herbert facsimile signature.

Here are the covers in all their gory!

Herbert J (53)

 Centipede were kind enough to provide these three labels (stickers) with the books, but we have no idea what one would use them for?

Herbert J (59)  Herbert J (61)