Harrison, Harry

Best known for his character the Stainless Steel Rat and for his novel Make Room! Make Room!. The latter was the rough basis for the motion picture Soylent Green. 

Aldiss called him "a constant peer and great family friend". His friend Michael Carroll said, "Imagine Pirates of the Caribbean or Raiders of the Lost Ark, and picture them as science-fiction novels. They're rip-roaring adventures, but they're stories with a lot of heart.”

Novelist Christopher Priest wrote in an obituary,

"Harrison was an extremely popular figure in the SF world, renowned for being amiable, outspoken and endlessly amusing. His quickfire, machine-gun delivery of words was a delight to hear, and a reward to unravel: he was funny and self-aware, he enjoyed reporting the follies of others, he distrusted generals, prime ministers and tax officials with sardonic and cruel wit, and above all he made plain his acute intelligence and astonishing range of moral, ethical and literary sensibilities.”

This is the B-Format paperback edition.


The Eden Trilogy:


                                                                                                                                 Bantam - First Editions


                  Michael Joseph - First Edition                            SFBC - Signed                                             SFBC - Signed                                                     TOR - First Edition

The epic science fiction trilogy--Homeworld, Wheelworld, and Starworld in one volume.

Homeworld introduces us to Jan Kulozik, an upper-class engineer who has taken his privileges for granted. While vacationing at a luxurious resort in the Middle East, he nearly drowns in a sailboat accident, but an illegal Israeli submarine saves him. Kulozik's rescuers make him unwillingly recognize the suffering of most of the planet's inhabitants, and the Israelis reveal the existence of an underground movement, which is struggling to topple society's current balance of power. Jan must choose between the comfort and safety of his former life and the dangers towards which his conscience is urging him.
Ten years later, in Wheelworld, Jan has been banished from Earth, exiled to the inflexible tribal society of Halvmork, which helps supply Earth's agricultural needs. Unhappy with his lot, Jan is nonetheless resigned, until the crucial cargo ships fail to arrive from Earth. Then, Halvmork's only hope for survival is Jan's organization of a daring, grueling mass exodus against incredible odds. . .
In Starworld, Jan returns to Earth and finds himself caught between the underground and Earth's government. The Earth colonies have rebelled, and Earth is desperately struggling to retain its tyrannical hold over them. Jan is caught in a series of fast-paced espionage and counter-espionage episodes. His goal, to destroy the vestiges of power among what were once Earth's reigning elite. And he is the one person who can save the planet.

Doubleday bookclub edition 


                                                                                                                                                                Severn House - First Edition 



                                                          Signed with doodle on back cover                                                                                                         Signed


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