Ellison, Harlan

Harlan Ellison  - Deathbird Stories: 

A Pantheon of Modern Gods is a 1975 collection of short stories written over a period of ten years. For more than three decades this singular collection of stories in which the New Gods of freeways, and slot machines, internal combustion deities and evil so enormous that it swallows the streets in shadow, for more than thirty years the power of this book has compelled the attention of not only readers of imaginative bent, but the praise of hard-line literary critics. One cannot codify modern literature of the fantastic without including a reference or selection from this dark book of godly and troubling stories that will not be ignored. 

The stories address the theme of modern-day "deities" that have replaced the older, more traditional ones. The collection, with its satirical, skeptical tone, is widely considered one of Ellison's best. Subterranean Press  - 500 numbered copies, bound in leather, with illustrated endsheets by Leo & Diane Dillon, signed by author, housed in a custom slipcase



                       Phantasia  - BOC Hardcover                                                                                                                                                                                               TPB

The five issues of Harlan Ellison’s ‘Dream Corridor’ published by Dark Horse Comics in 1995:


 Each issue of this critically acclaimed series features an introduction by Ellison in comic form. Among the series’ highlights is John Byrne’s four-part adaptation of “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream,” one of the ten most reprinted stories in the English language. The comic adaptation of this is presented along with the original text story, making for an enlightening comparison. Ellison also contributes a new story for each issue, inspired by the cover art of each issue.