Dick, Philip K.: 

Philip K. Dick (1928-1982) was one of the seminal figures of 20th century science fiction. His many stories and novels, which include such classics as The Man in the High Castle and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, reflect a deeply personal world view, exploring the fragile, multifarious nature of reality itself and examining those elements that make us — or fail to make us — fully human. He did as much as anyone to demolish the artificial barrier between genre fiction and “literature,” and the best of his work has earned a permanent place in American popular culture.

The Collected Stories, our favourite PKD works by Underwood-Miller, Los Angeles, California, Columbia, Pennsylvania, 1987. First edition, cloth. Of 500 numbered sets, this is one of 400 bound in cloth. Laid in is leaflet [single sheet, folded to make four pages] "Brief Synopsis for Alternate World Novel: The Acts of Paul," an unpublished Dick novel. Collects all of Dick's published short fiction, with the exception of short novels later published as or included in novels, plus six previously unpublished stories. Includes preface by Dick, foreword by Steven Owen Godersky and introductions by Roger Zelazny, Norman Spinrad, John Brunner, James Tiptree, Jr. and Thomas M. Disch, as well as notes on the stories which often incorporate commentary by Dick.                                                             


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The Subterranean Press Collected Set:   




               Subterranean Press  - First Edition                                                       Rapp & Whiting - First Edition                                                 Gollancz  - First Edition                       


                           SFBC -UK Book Club                                                                     Gollancz  - First Edition                                                             Norstrilia Press- First Edition 


                                  Bookclub Edition                                                                        NEL - First Edition                                                                   Pantheon - First Edition


                                                                                                                      American Library - First Editions                                         


                           TOR  - First Edition                                                                         TOR  - First Edition                                                                              HMH






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