Card, Orson Scott: 


Treason - That was the crime of their ancestors and the name of the planet on which they lived lout their exile. In a world without resources, they had mutated into monsters to get a scrap of metal. Divided into warring clans, they could never build the spaceship that meant escape from their prison planet.

St. Martins Press - First Edition

  The Homecoming Series: 


                                 Book Club Edition                                                                   TOR - First Edition                                                                     Legend - First Edition


                  Del Rey - First Edition                                          MacDonald - First Edition                                  Dial - Book Club                                              TOR - Book Club



                                  Easton Press -   signed                                                     Easton Press                                                                                          Legend - First Edition 


                                                                                                                                   TOR - First Editions     


                                                                                                                                 TOR - First Editions


                                                                                          Simon Pulse - TPB                                          Simon Pulse - First Edition

Academy awardwinning artist Doug Chiang and Orson Scott Card join forces for an extraordinary publishing adventure: Robota. An original illustrated science fiction novel, Robota follows the fortunes of a strangely powerful amnesiac named Caps as he navigates an ancient, decaying world in which a dwindling human population battles a society of merciless robot warriors. Aided by talking animals and stalked by terrifying hunter robots, Caps slowly rises to fulfill an awesome destiny. Integrating word and image, Card's storytelling is interwoven with 75 pieces of Chiang's wildly imagined, meticulously rendered art. Visually stunning book.






                                                                                                 TPB                                                                                          B-Format

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