Brett, Peter V.: 

The Demon Cycle:

Beginning with The Painted Man (The Warded Man in the US) the five part series takes place on a formerly advanced civilization world which has now been reduced to a dark age by the attacks of demons known as 'corelings'. These are powerful beings with magical abilities and differing elemental natures, and each night they emerge from the planet's core to feed on humans, who must take care to be indoors before dark. Against this backdrop the three main characters Arlen, Leesha, and Rojer, pass into maturity and begin individual quests to bring an end to the terror.

Harper Voyager Editions:


                                    First Edition                                                                                   First Edition                                                                                      First Edition              

Subterranean Press Novella Editions:


                                 First Edition                                                                       First Edition- Signed/Limited                                                    First Edition Signed/ Limited

US Editions:


                                                                       Delrey First Editions



                                         TPB                                                                                B-Format                                                                           B-Format      


                                    B-Format Proof                                                              B-Format