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             Dennis Dobson - First Edition Hardcover                           Subterranean Press - First Edition Hardcover                             Subterranean Press - First edition, second print.

Baker, Kage - The Best of Kage Baker

A treasure trove that gathers together twenty stories and novellas, eleven of which have never been collected anywhere. The volume is bookended by a pair of tales from her best known and best loved creation: The Company, with its vivid cast of time traveling immortals. In “Noble Mold,” Mendoza the botanist and Joseph, the ancient “facilitator,” find themselves in 19th century California, where a straightforward acquisition grows unexpectedly complex, requiring, in the end, a carefully engineered “miracle.” In “The Carpet Beds of Sutro Park,” an autistic Company operative named Ezra encounters a lost soul named Kristy Ann, and finds a way to give her back the world that she has lost.

EDITION: First edition, first print. 2012

PUBLISHER: Subterranean Press

BINDING: Hardcover with Dust Jacket


The book is in very good condition. The dust jacket is very good.   


          Bantam - First Edition Hardcover                                           TPB - B                                                                 TPB                      


                        Dennis Dobson - First Edition Hardcover                                                                                                                                    Baen - First Edition Hardcover 

James Barclay - The Chronicles of the Raven                  



The complete Chronicles of the Raven. All three are large Trade paperback copies in good condition .

The Raven is a band of six humans and one elf in the war-torn kingdom of Balaia, which Barclay fills with the fruits of his considerable knowledge of military history and folklore. The comrades are no nicer than fellows loyal to one another and no one else need be, and their latest commission is a poser for them. They are to escort a Xeteskian mage, who is working for only the gods know whom, on a mission to find Dawnthief, a ring, or more precisely, a spell connected to a ring, that in the wrong hands could end the world. The mission is backed and supervised by the Dark College, which is even more untrustworthy than the mage. So matters rapidly deteriorate


                                                                                                                                                TPB                                                                                     TPB

Barker’s first 'Tide Child' fantasy epic. 

A ridge of mountains separates sprinklings of small islands, and the only material strong enough to make ocean going ships is sea dragon bone. However, dragons are long extinct and the old ships increasingly ramshackle, so a bitter and destructive conflict between the Hundred Isles and the Gaunt Islands may at last sputter out. The sighting of a dragon sends conspirators after the beast, some hoping to harvest its bones and others intending to kill it before its carcass can be used to renew the war. One of the seekers is Meas Gilbryn, a disgraced aristocrat turned pacifist. At the novel’s opening, she seizes control of the Tide Child, a ship crewed by men and women who have been condemned to death, by slapping down its pathetically failed captain, Joron Twiner.

Beautiful cover illustration by Hanna Wood

Exclusive limited edition hardback. Signed and numbered out of 300 copies by RJ Barker to a limitation page. Also comes with a 210x210mm print of the ships and creatures of world of The Bone Ships.


                              TPB                                                                                                                                            TPB - B       

 Barrett, Neal Jr. - Other Seasons

Neal Barrett, Jr. answers (sometimes) to a number of names: Odd, Weird, Gonzo, and, as a former collection points out: Slightly Off Center. Barrett is all of the above, and more. From readers who have followed his career come accolades such as brilliant, unique, sheer genius. Other writers respect his status as a master of words, his ability to weave rhythm and poetry into his tales.

Barrett jumps in and out of genres at will, or simply invents one of his own. He likes to bring his favorite characters together, and see what they’ll do. In “Sallie C.” he puts The Wright Brothers, young Erwin Rommel and Sheriff Pat Garrett in a shabby hotel out west.“Highbrow” finds generations of devoted workers building a half-mile high statue of Richard Nixon.“Tony Red Dog” describes the trials and tribulations of the only Apache in the New York mob.

Neal Barrett, Jr. has made a special effort to give us a number of dark, funny, and hopefully impossible views of the future. Present in this collection are “Under Old New York,” “Radio Station St. Jack,” and the much heralded “Ginny Sweethips’ Flying Circus.”

EDITION: First edition, first print. 2012. Signed by Author and limited to 750 copies, this copy #484

PUBLISHER: Subterranean Press

BINDING: Hardcover with Dust Jacket


                                                                 Golden Gryphon - First Edition Hardcovers

Sent on a mission deep into the forests of pagan Anglo-Saxon England, Wat Brand, a Christian scribe, suddenly finds his vision of the world turned upside down. The familiar English countryside is not what it seems: threatening spirits, birds of omen and plants of power lurk in this landscape of fallen terrors and mysterious forces. With Wulf, a sorcerer and mystic, as his guide, Brand is instructed in the magical lore of plants, runes, fate and the life force until finally he journeys to the spirit world on a quest to encounter the true nature of his own soul.



The Best of Elizabeth Bear contains 27 stories and novellas, many never before collected, that encompass an astonishing range of themes, settings, ideas and emotions. The collection opens with “Covenant,” a tale of serial murder unlike any you have ever read, and closes with the extraordinary “Erase, Erase, Erase.” The latter is a surrealist tour de force in which the unnamed narrator, a former cult member, reflects on her life, her nebulous but guilty past, and her constantly diminishing sense of self. In between these bookends are more than two dozen carefully crafted tales that never fail to resonate beyond the final page.

“Tideline,” winner of both the Hugo and Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Awards, tells the surprisingly moving story of Chalcedony, a former “war machine” determined to preserve the memories of her dead human companions. “Shoggoths in Bloom,” another Hugo winner, offers a fresh take on H.P. Lovecraft’s Mythos, setting the action in a pre-WWII II world marked by racism and virulent anti-Semitism. “Faster Gun” is a tale of the Old West in which Doc Holliday and Johnny Ringo encounter an impossible alien artefact. The long novella “In the House of Aryaman, a Lonely Signal Burns” takes place in Bangalore, India fifty years from now and tells the story of a murder in which the victim’s body is literally turned inside out. In the affecting “Sonny Liston Takes The Fall,” we are brought to an entirely new understanding of one of the iconic moments of boxing history.

Signed limited edition



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Viking - First Edition Hardcover


                                                                                                                        Pluto Press - First Edition Hardcover    


                                                                                                                Gnome Press - First Edition Hardcover

Biggle, Loyd Jr - The Light that Never Was.

Humanity has stretched out over thousands and thousands of worlds. Each planet is virtually independent from one another. Various intelligent species have been discovered but humans start putting them in camps, killing them, refusing to grant them any rights, and branding them with derogatory names such as animaloids. This massive anti-animaloid furor spreading across the populated worlds threatens to envelope the tourist-trap planet Donev. However, Donev does not appear to have any indigenous animaloids of their own.A famous art gallery owner hears rumors of a new style of paintings drastically different than the normal tourist influenced fare. He investigates and discovers Arnen Brand living in a swamp with a swamp slog who "paints" at night. He decides to open an anonymous gallery.

EDITION: First edition, first print. 1972

PUBLISHER: The Elmfield Press

BINDING: Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Biggle, Loyd Jr - The World Menders

On the world Branoff IV, in the lovely land of Scorvif, live the rascz, an industrious, artistic, superbly civilized race. Few of them are aware that their prosperous civilization is totally dependent upon the olz, a race of slaves owned by their god-emperor. The olz till the fields and work the forests and mines, and their reward is starvation and the vicious, caustic stroke of the zrilm whip. 

EDITION: First edition, first print. 1971

PUBLISHER: The Elmfield Press

BINDING: Hardcover with Dust Jacket


                 Dennis Dobson - First Edition Hardcover                                     NEL - First Edition Hardcover                              


                                                                     Berkley Putnam - First Edition Hardcover                    Subterranean Press - Signed Limited Hardcover  


                                                                                                                                               TPB - B    


                  Blond & Briggs - First Edition Hardcover                                     Collins - First Edition Hardcover 


Dust jacket illustration by Phil Parks.

The Criminal Defense Lawyer.


Martin H. Ehrengraf, dapper and diabolical, may be Lawrence Block’s darkest creation. He’s the defense attorney who never sees the inside of a courtroom, because all his clients are innocent—no matter how guilty they may seem. Some even believe themselves to be guilty: they remember pulling the trigger, or wiring the dynamite to their spouse’s car, or holding the bloody blade. But things have a way of working out when Martin Ehrengraf is on the case. Evidence turns up, incriminating someone else. More murders occur, with the same M.O. And the gate of the jail cell opens, and the accused walks free.

But be careful —hiring Martin Ehrengraf comes with a price. A high price, one that comes due even if he appears to have done nothing on your behalf. And you’d better be prepared to pay…

Here at last are the complete exploits of Martin Ehrengraf: a dozen delicious tales of vice and villainy including one – “The Ehrengraf Fandango”—that is appearing for the first time anywhere. It’s a twelve-course meal of sinister surprises, exquisitely prepared and served simmering hot by the greatest living master of mystery fiction.

Subterranean Press - First Edition Hardcover

Dust jacket illustration by Jeff Wong. 

Ever since The Burglar on the Prowl climbed the bestseller lists in 2004, fans have been clamoring for a new book featuring the lighthearted and lightfingered Bernie Rhodenbarr. Now everybody's favorite burglar returns in an eleventh adventure that finds him and his lesbian sidekick Carolyn Kaiser breaking into houses, apartments, and even a museum, in a madcap adventure replete with American Colonial silver, an F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscript, a priceless portrait, and a remarkable array of buttons. And, wouldn't you know it, there's a dead body, all stretched out on a Trent Barling carpet.

 Subterranean Press - First Edition Hardcover






                                                                                                                         Scribners - First Edition Hardcover                      


              NESFA Press - First Edition Hardcover 

Holding up a mirror to humanity, this sci-fi masterpiece poses pertinent ethical questions while sending readers on an action-packed intergalactic adventure. First published in 1963, 'Planet of the Apes' spawned a global media franchise: an Oscar-nominated film was followed by four sequels, while reboots and remakes, television series and comics saw its popularity skyrocket. Returning to its literary origins, the first Folio illustrated edition of Xan Fielding’s classic translation sees the bold impact of David de las Heras’s artwork, adding to the credibility of Pierre Boulle’s story. Meanwhile, the unnerving moral allegory is explored by world-renowned primatologist Frans de Waal, in a specially commissioned introduction.

Set on the idyllic-looking planet of Soros, the story follows three astronauts who leave Earth in the year 2500. Initially ecstatic to find a lush biosphere with human inhabitants, Ulysse and his fellow travellers are shocked to discover that the pathetic human population is ruled by an intellectually superior civilisation of apes..

Hardcover First edition




                                                                                                                 Golden Gryphon - First Edition Hardcover                                                              B- Format


The Imperium Saga:


                                                                                                                    Silver Leaf Books - First Editions Hardcover

    Weybright and Talley - First Edition Hardcover    Berkley Putnam - First Edition Hardcover    Weybright and Talley - First Edition Hardcover             Viking - First Edition Hardcover  




                                                                                                                                                                                                                     McElderry Books - First Edition Hardcover  


                                                                    B- Format's   


                                                                                                                       Drunken Dragon Press - First Edition Hardcover                                             TPB - B


Halo for Hire: The Paul Pine Mysteries by Howard Browne

“Of all of Raymond Chandler’s followers, the most Chandlerish of them all might have been Howard Browne. His private eye hero, PAUL PINE, is simply one of the great eyes, no matter how inspired by (or derivative of ) Chandler’s Philip Marlowe he might have been. All the Pine books are well worth reading, and A Taste of Ashes (1957) in particular is just a flat-out, stone-cold private eye classic. Pine is a former investigator for the Illinois State attorney’s office in Chicago who works as a P.I. in Chicago. He’s got the obligatory cynicism, snappy similes and metaphors down pat, though he tends to be a bit more down to earth than Marlowe, and often mocks his own tendencies to moroseness and world-weariness. And let’s face it — Browne was a stronger plotter than Chandler. In 1985, almost thirty years after Pine’s last appearance, Dennis McMillan published a book The Paper Gun. That volume collected the only previously-published Pine story, “So Dark For April,” plus an incomplete Pine novel that Browne, in the foreword, called “a story complete in itself. But it is not the whole novel.” He states that he had lost interest in the private eye genre, and so the story is only 122 pages in length, too long for a short story, but too short for a novel.’ —adapted from “Paul Pine” by Kevin Burton Smith, www.thrillingdetective.com

Haffner Press First edition hardcover.

Brust, Steven - Dragon

In which Vlad Taltos finds himself, much to his surprise, at the fateful Battle of Baritt's Tomb

Marching through mud just isn't as much fun as they say.

After years of surviving in Adrilankha by practicing the trade I know best--killing people for a living--suddenly I'm in the last place any self-respecting assassin wants to be: the army. Worse, I'm right in the middle of a apocalyptic battle between two sorcerous armies, and everyone expects me to play a role they won't explain. All I've got between me and the worst kind of death is my wits. Oh, and a smart-mouthed winged lizard...

Tor First Edition Hardcover


                      Tor First Edition Hardcover                                                          Tor First Edition Hardcover





 Dragonmaster: Omnibus (Dragonmaster #1-3) by Chris Bunch

STORM OF WINGS: When the uneasy peace of the three kingdoms is threatened by war, Hal's dream of riding dragons becomes reality. For this is a conflict like no other. For the first time, wild dragons have become living weapons, ridden by men of cold daring and ruthless ambition. And the greatest of them is Hal Kailas. Dragonmaster.

KNIGHTHOOD OF THE DRAGON: When he first dreamed of riding a dragon to war, Hal Keilas was laughed at. Then the war between the kingdoms of Deraine, Sagene and Roche compelled a solution daring beyond their people's wildest dreams. But Hal, Dragonmaster, knows that the war and the killing have only begun.

THE LAST BATTLE: As predicted, with the end of the war both dragon fliers and dragons have been cast aside. However, what or who is savaging the dragons in their native lands? Hal embarks on a new crusade, and discovers a threat, not just to the dragons but to man himself.

B- Format


 Burgess, Anthony -A Clockwork Orange.

A Clockwork Orange is a dystopian novel by Anthony Burgess published in 1962. Set in a near future English society featuring a subculture of extreme youth violence, the teenage protagonist, Alex, narrates his violent exploits and his experiences with state authorities intent on reforming him. The book is partially written in a Russian-influenced argot called "Nadsat". According to Burgess it was a jeu d'esprit written in just three weeks.

In 2005, A Clockwork Orange was included on Time magazine's list of the 100 best English-language novels written since 1923, and it was named by Modern Library and its readers as one of the 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century. 

Easton Press Edition