‘GOR’ is a SF/Fantasy series that was first published in 1966 and continues today with 34 novels to date. We haven’t read any of the ‘GOR’ series but we recently got a set of paperbacks in really poor condition and we’ve given them a clean and covered them with Croc Covers as they are quite impressive as a set.

The ‘Gor' novels have been criticized for their focus on relationships between dominant men and submissive women, the latter often in positions of slavery. The Encyclopedia of Fantasy has stated that the first several books are "passable exercises" of Edgar Rice Burroughs style fiction while "later volumes degenerate into extremely sexist, sadomasochistic pornography involving the ritual humiliation of women, and as a result have caused widespread offence”.

We note that John Norman has spent quite a bit of time denying that he is a misogynist and that he is just misunderstood, he may have wanted to have a word with his publishers though, as they certainly went all out with the covers using artists such as Chris Achilleos and Boris Vallejo on a number of the series which don’t really help his cause much.

John Norman:

First edition hardcover