New Arrivals

As we get new books in we'll post these here prior to classification and cataloging. These may be used or new books. This is a working page for us but it does help to keep track of new arrivals, it’s not neat. Given the size of the site we’ll leave these here for a month post update so that you can check in on anything you may have missed. 

Dick P.K. 23Dick P.K. 24Dick P.K. 25Samson J. 01Samson J. 02Samson J. 03

Barker RJ 01Barker RJ 02Bierce A. 01Bo Young 01Brown P. 14Buehlman 01Foster A. 10Gwynne J 01Holland L. 01King S. 184King S. 185King S. 186Lawrence M. 10Lawrence M. 11McGuire 01Robson K. 01Tregillis 5Wells M. 02Wells M. 03Wells M. 04Wells M. 05


Donaldson 31Erikson 10Gaiman 32Hambly 02Harwood JJA 01Heinlein R. 11Heinlein R. 13Heinlein R. 12Heinlein R. 14Huchu 01Hutter 01Jemisin 20Martine 02Neuvel 01Roanhorse 01Smith M 02Wells M. 01Wolfe G. 15Wolfe G. 16Wolfe G. 17Wolfe G. 18Wolfe G. 19

Ahlborn 02Blish 10Blish 11Hamilton P.F 34Hand E. 01Hearne 01Hearne 02Kiernan 15Kowal 02Kowal 03Kowal 04Kowal 05Smith M 01Thomas J. 01Thomas J. 02Thomas J. 03Thomas J. 04Wanderei 01Williams W.J. 01Abercrombie J. 37Abercrombie J. 38Bancroft 11Bancroft 12Bancroft 13Cline 01Cline 02Feist 50Hill J. 03Hill J. 04Hill J. 05Jemisin 18Jemisin 19Jones S.G. 01Lindqvist 01Liu C. 6Liu C. 7Sanderson B. 8Soule 01Tahir 04

Bardin 01Bardin 02Bradbury 32Bradbury 33Bradbury 34Gaiman 32Liu C. 05Gaiman 34Gloss 01Jemisin 17Martin G.R.R. 101Martin G.R.R. 103Martin G.R.R. 104Martin G.R.R. 105Muir 4Sanderson B. 4Sanderson B. 5Sanderson B. 6Sanderson B. 7Stephens A. 01

Blaylock 6De Bodard 01Dowling T. 93Dowling T. 94Dowling T. 95Dowling T. 96Gaiman N. 34Jones C. 01Kelly J.P. 01Lansdale J. 01Lansdale J. 02Mcpartland J. 01Merril J. 01Newman P. 01Parker K.J. 01Powers T. 01Ryan 12Ryan 13Tchaichofsky 01Wexler D. 01

Abercrombie J. 36Ant Datlow 01Blackburn J. 01Blackburn J. 02Bradbury 29Clarke S. 05Cook G. 5Eddings 30Eddings 31Gibson W. 01Gibson W. 02Liu C. 01Lyons 136Shafer W. 01Shafer W. 02Shafer W. 03Shea M. 01Shea M. 02Shea M. 03Stewart A. 01Vandermeer 01