In Waders from Mars by Joe Lansdale

Written with Keith Lansdale and Karen Lansdale

Martian ducks inside a space ship fro Mars drilling inside the earth?

What's wrong with their GPS?

Ducks with plans to conquer our world with Instant Powdered Duck?

Ducks wearing silver space suits and water waders?

How can this be?

What can stop them?

A kid named Keith, that's what.

And, of course, the invader's own stupidity.

Then again, what can you expect from ducks in waders?

It's all revealed here, in 'In Waders from Mars'. A picture book for younger readers with dynamic drawings and an engaging story.

Limited: 600 numberd copies, signed by the Lansdales

The Innswich Horror - Edward Lee

In July 1939, antiquarian and H.P. Lovecraft aficionado, Foster Morley, takes a scenic bus tour through the wilds of northern Massachusetts...He wants to go where Lovecraft went, and to see what Lovecraft saw, to further distill his understanding of history's most influential horror fantasist.

When he happens upon the curious, secluded waterfront prefecture known as Innswich Point—not to be found on any map—he assumes the curiosity of the name is mere coincidence... but in less than twenty-four hours he'll learn that he couldn't be more mistaken.

Deeper and deeper, Morley delves into the queer town's dark mystique. Has his imagination run rampant, or are there far too many similarities between this furtive fishing village and the fictional town of Lovecraft's masterpiece, The Shadow Over Innsmouth? Could it be possible that Lovecraft himself actually visited this town before his death in 1937?

Before long, Morley realizes he's being stalked, but by the very man he's searching for: a denizen, panderer, and heroin addict who claims to know the town's most unspeakable secret. And what secret, too, lies behind the town's unnatural profusion of pregnant women?

Morley is stalked by things surely less than human, and as this "scenic" respite prolepses into a smorgasbord of deviance, perversity, and teeming, unmitigated evil, Morley at last comes face to face with the woman who bore Lovecraft's secret child and is then jettisoned headlong into subterranean chaos and a night of horror incarnate.

For beneath the rotting wharves and behind the tattering facades of the decrepit Innswich Point the worst secret of all has yet to be revealed…

Phoenix Extravagant by Yoon Ha Lee

An arresting tale of loyalty, identity, and the power of art in a skillfully rendered fantasy world inspired by the Japanese occupation of Korea.

The Empire of Razan conquered Hwaguk six years earlier, transforming it into Administrative Territory Fourteen. When Gyen Jebi, a nonbinary struggling artist, registers for a Razanei name to enhance their job prospects, their sister, Bongsunga, calls Jebi a traitor to their Hwagugin heritage and cuts off the financial support she had been providing. Jebi is left in no position to turn down a job offer from the Razan government’s defense sector, especially not when the recruiter threatens to arrest Bongsunga for her revolutionary ties should Jebi refuse.

Jebi’s task is to destroy classic Hwagugin artworks, reducing them to a powder with magical properties that can be used as a pigment to paint codes onto automatons of war and program their behaviors. When Jebi secretly teaches the mechanical dragon they’re working on to speak, Jebi learns the devastating truth behind a recent massacre.

But will Jebi be able to save their people and regain their sister’s trust?

The signed/limited Solaris first edition with blue page edges!

Machineries of Empire Trilogy:

Yoon Ha Lee's 'The Machineries of Empire' trilogy is regarded by many to be one of the greatest SFF trilogies to be published during the last few years. It has repeatedly gained recognition from the most prestigious of sci-fi awards. The first novel in the trilogy, being the author’s debut novel, 'Ninefox Gambit', won the Locus Award for best first novel and was a finalist for the Hugo, Nebula, and Clarke awards. Its sequels, 'Raven Stratagem' & 'Revenant Gun' were also Hugo finalists with the latter also being a finalist for the Clarke award.

Captain Kel Cheris of the hexarchate is disgraced for using unconventional methods in a battle against heretics.

Kel Command gives her the opportunity to redeem herself by retaking the Fortress of Scattered Needles, a star fortress that has recently been captured by heretics. Cheris’s career isn’t the only thing at stake. If the fortress falls, the hexarchate itself might be next.

Cheris’s best hope is to ally with the undead tactician Shuos Jedao. The good news is that Jedao has never lost a battle, and he may be the only one who can figure out how to successfully besiege the fortress.

The bad news is that Jedao went mad in his first life and massacred two armies, one of them his own. As the siege wears on, Cheris must decide how far she can trust Jedao–because she might be his next victim.

Canopus in Argos:

Archives is a sequence of five science fiction novels by Nobel Prize in Literature-winning author Doris Lessing which portray a number of societies at different stages of development, over a great period of time. The focus is on accelerated evolution being aided by advanced species for less advanced species and societies.

The novels take place in the same future history, but do not relate a continuous storyline. Each book covers unrelated events, with the exception of Shikasta and The Sirian Experiments, which tell the story of accelerated evolution on Earth through the eyes of Canopeans and Sirians, respectively.


Jonathan Lethem’s first novel, Gun, with Occasional Music, is a merging of science fiction and the Chandleresque detective story, which includes talking kangaroos, radical futuristic versions of the drug scene, and cryogenic prisons.

The novel was published in 1994 by Harcourt Brace, with a distinctive aged pulp dust jacket, in what Lethem later described as a "delirious" experience. The novel was released to little initial fanfare, but an enthusiastic review in Newsweek, which declared Gun an "audaciously assured first novel", catapulted the book to wider commercial success.

We certainly enjoyed this one.  Gun, with Occasional Music was a finalist for the 1994 Nebula Award, it was the Winner of the Crawford Award for best fantasy novel and the Locus Award for best first novel of the year.  

Here’s our signed copy.

Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin

Rosemary Woodhouse and her struggling actor-husband, Guy, move into the Bramford, an old New York City apartment building with an ominous reputation and only elderly residents.

Neighbours Roman and Minnie Castavet soon come nosing around to welcome them; despite Rosemary's reservations about their eccentricity and the weird noises that she keeps hearing, her husband starts spending time with them. Shortly after Guy lands a plum Broadway role, Rosemary becomes pregnant, and the Castavets start taking a special interest in her welfare.

As the sickened Rosemary becomes increasingly isolated, she begins to suspect that the Castavets' circle is not what it seems...

The First Sister (The First Sister Trilogy #1) by Linden A. Lewis

First Sister has no name and no voice. As a priestess of the Sisterhood, she travels the stars alongside the soldiers of Earth and Mars—the same ones who own the rights to her body and soul. When her former captain abandons her, First Sister’s hopes for freedom are dashed when she is forced to stay on her ship with no friends, no power, and a new captain—Saito Ren—whom she knows nothing about. She is commanded to spy on Captain Ren by the Sisterhood, but soon discovers that working for the war effort is so much harder to do when you’re falling in love.

Lito val Lucius climbed his way out of the slums to become an elite soldier of Venus, but was defeated in combat by none other than Saito Ren, resulting in the disappearance of his partner, Hiro. When Lito learns that Hiro is both alive and a traitor to the cause, he now has a shot at redemption: track down and kill his former partner. But when he discovers recordings that Hiro secretly made, Lito’s own allegiances are put to the test. Ultimately, he must decide between following orders and following his heart.

Signed limited first edition hardcover.

Black sprayed page edges

Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist

Lauded by critics as “brilliant and repulsive,” one of the most acclaimed and adapted vampire novels of the 21st century.

In the autumn of 1981, the body of a teenage boy is found drained of blood in Blackeberg, the Swedish suburb where twelve-year-old Oskar lives. Bullied frequently by his peers, Oskar is a social outcast who becomes fixated on Eli, the new girl who has moved in next door.

To Oskar, there is something strange and wondrous about Eli, the girl who has never seen a Rubik’s Cube but can solve it within hours. The girl who only comes out at night. The girl who smells of death.

With its themes of existential anxiety, social pressure, and the complications of youth, Let the Right One In is a gory vampire tale, a stirring love story, and a profound meditation on childhood love and loneliness.

First published in 2004, Let the Right One In is an international bestseller. It has been adapted into two films, both multi-award winning, as well as two stage adaptations.

The Artist Gift edition is limited to 1000 copies with a dust jacket illustrated by Bud Cook. It is a full cloth, smyth sewn binding with two-hits foil stamping and is signed by artist Bud Cook. The edition is housed in a paper covered slipcase.

Indignities of the Flesh by Bentley Little

Bentley Little has forged a name for himself as one of the most startlingly original authors in contemporary horror. His subversion of genre tropes and talent for creating surreal, Boschian-like nightmares from the mundane is without parallel.

Herein you'll meet: the mischievous 'Rodeo Clown', who may very well be evil incarnate, or perhaps little more than an innocent bystander in a ring of coincidence; a man obsessed with dental hygiene to the point of stalking, in 'Brushing'; a cynic forced to tag along on an ill-advised trip to a faith healer in 'Documented Miracles'; a demented birthday girl whose equally demented birthday wishes are about to come true, in 'Happy Birthday, Dear Tama'; a family on the run from cartoonists in search of their god, in 'Loony Tune'; and a man who pays the ultimate price for circumventing a parking attendant in the never before published, 'Valet Parking'.

Rounding out the collection are 'The Black Ladies' and 'The Pinata', a pair of unsettling stories culled from childhood nightmares, and the surprisingly poignant 'Even the Dead', which documents the last days of a tender partnership between two friends, only one of whom is still alive.

  Subterranean Press - Signed/Limited Hardcover  

Bird Parade by Patrick Loehr:

A new graphic novel, (with a fabulous introduction by Nathan Ballingrud) is a dark, coming of age narrative about two young boys and a gun. Set in rural Colorado, the story exposes a somber world wherein notions of strength and maturity are deeply intertwined with the mystique of firearms and family legend. The young narrator’s eagerness to grow up — to complete a rite of passage — compels him towards actions that ultimately shatter his childhood.

The richly illustrated volume is awash in muted textures of brown and gray, a visually appropriate setting for this dark, thought provoking, and timely tale.

Centipede Press contributor Nathan Ballingrud (author of The Visible Filth from Simon and Schuster, and North American Lake Monsters from Small Beer Press) has written a poignant introduction that offers thoughtful insight and context to this uniquely American story.

Patrick is a Colorado native who’s written and illustrated two children’s books for HarperCollins Publishers. He’s contributed illustration and design work on several Centipede Press publications, including Blackwater by Michael McDowell.

This is the first publication of Bird Parade. Aside from the author’s promotional copies, it has never before been published.

This premium bound, hardcover volume with dustjacket is printed on Mohawk Superfine with custom end sheets and a sewn-in bookmark. This edition is limited to 500 copies, signed by Patrick and Nathan, and numbered.

Before Adam by Jack London:

Written in 1906, Before Adam is a bit of a departure from London's other novels. Still an adventure novel, this one revolves around the dreams of a young boy, dreams that involve racial memories and the knowledge of his prior existence as a man-like creature named Big Tooth living in prehistoric times.

"These are our ancestors, and their history is our history. Remember that as surely as we one day swung down out of the trees and walked upright, just as surely, on a far earlier day, did we crawl up out of the sea and achieve our first adventure on land."

King Kong by Delos W. Lovelace, Edgar Wallace (Story),

Merian C. Cooper (Story),

The giant prehistoric gorilla King Kong is one of the most recognized images in our culture. So great is the mighty Kong’s hold on the popular imagination that his story–a gripping yarn of man versus nature, coupled with a fantastical update of the Beauty and the Beast legend–has been thrice made into a motion picture (most recently in 2005) and referenced endlessly in every medium, from books to prime-time sitcoms.

Beneath King Kong’s cultural significance, however, is a tense and surprisingly tender story. One cannot help but be frightened by Kong’s uncontrollable fury, be saddened over the giant’s capture, mistreatment, and exploitation by venal showmen, or sympathize with the beast’s ill-fated affection for the down-on-her-luck starlet Ann Darrow.

The Ruin of Kings (A Chorus of Dragons #1) by Jenn Lyons

There are the old stories. And then there’s what actually happens.

Kihrin is a bastard orphan who grew up on storybook tales of long-lost princes and grand quests. When he is claimed against his will as the long-lost son of a treasonous prince, Kihrin finds that being a long-lost prince isn't what the storybooks promised.

Far from living the dream, Kihrin finds himself practically a prisoner, at the mercy of his new family's power plays and ambitions. He also discovers that the storybooks have lied about a lot of other things things, too: dragons, demons, gods, prophecies, true love, and how the hero always wins.

Then again, maybe he’s not the hero, for Kihrin isn’t destined to save the empire.

He’s destined to destroy it . . .

TOR signed limited hardcover       

L - General:

A Strange and Brilliant Light by Eli Lee

A riveting, thought-provoking speculative literary novel exploring the impact of the AI revolution through the eyes of three very different young women.

Lal, Janetta and Rose are living in a time of flux. Technological advance has brought huge financial rewards to those with power, but large swathes of the population are losing their jobs to artificial intelligence, or auts, as they're called. Unemployment is high, discontent is rife and rumours are swirling. Many feel robbed - not just of their livelihoods, but of their hopes for the future.

Lal is languishing in her role at a coffee shop and feeling overshadowed by her quietly brilliant sister, Janetta, whose Ph.D. is focused on making auts empathetic. Even Rose, Lal's best friend, has found a sense of purpose in charismatic up-and-coming politician Alek.

When vigilantes break in to the coffee shop and destroy their new coffee-making aut, it sets in motion a chain of events that will pull the three young women in very different directions.

Change is coming - change that will launch humankind into a new era. If Rose, Lal and Janetta can find a way to combine their burgeoning talents, they might just end up setting the course of history.

   First edition hardcover -signed/ ltd

   First edition hardcover -signed/ ltd

To date, worldwide, this series has only been available in paperback until now.

Here is an overview of the key specifications for The Machineries of Empire Trilogy:

• Book size: Demy, measuring 216 x 138mm

• A very limited, very collectible print run in two states: 300 numbered & 26 lettered copies*

• Each copy is hand signed by Yoon Ha Lee

• Offset printed for the highest quality book text

• Printed on archival paper: 80gsm Munken Pure (light cream)

• Smyth-sewn binding for greater durability

• Pages are long grain printed and bound

• Full-cloth covered boards.

• Coloured head and tail bands

• Colour printed endpapers featuring graphics based on the Hexarchate faction symbols

• ‘Soft touch’ coated dust jacket for a luxurious finish - dust jacket art by Chris Moore

   First edition hardcover -signed/ ltd

   First edition hardcover -signed/ ltd

   First edition hardcover -signed/ ltd

The Second Rebel by Linden A. Lewis

Linden A. Lewis returns with this next installment of The First Sister Trilogy, perfect for fans of Red Rising, The Handmaid’s Tale, and The Expanse.

Astrid has reclaimed her name and her voice, and now seeks to bring down the Sisterhood from within. Throwing herself into the lioness’ den, Astrid must confront and challenge the Aunts who run the Gean religious institution, but she quickly discovers that the business of politics is far deadlier than she ever expected.

Meanwhile, on an outlaw colony station deep in space, Hiro val Akira seeks to bring a dangerous ally into the rebellion. Whispers of a digital woman fuel Hiro’s search, but they are not the only person looking for this link to the mysterious race of Synthetics.

Lito sol Lucious continues to grow into his role as a lead revolutionary and is tasked with rescuing an Aster operative from deep within an Icarii prison. With danger around every corner, Lito, his partner Ofiera, and the newly freed operative must flee in order to keep dangerous secrets out of enemy hands.

Back on Venus, Lito’s sister Lucinia must carry on after her brother’s disappearance and accusation of treason by Icarii authorities. Despite being under the thumb of Souji val Akira, Lucinia manages to keep her nose clean…that is until an Aster revolutionary shows up with news about her brother’s fate, and an opportunity to join the fight.

Signed limited first edition hardcover.

Black sprayed page edges

The Serpent Gates by A.K. Larkwood :

What if you knew how and when you will die?

Csorwe does. She will climb the mountain, enter the Shrine of the Unspoken, and gain the most honored title: sacrifice. On the day of her foretold death, however, a powerful mage offers her a new fate.

Csorwe leaves her home, her destiny, and her god to become the wizard's loyal sword-hand -- stealing, spying, and killing to help him reclaim his seat of power in the homeland from which he was exiled.

But Csorwe and the wizard will soon learn – gods remember, and if you live long enough, all debts come due.

Signed limited editions with sprayed edges

                  First edition hardcover -signed/ltd

                  First edition hardcover -signed/ltd

   First edition hardcover -signed/ ltd

First Contacts: The Essential Murray Leinster by Murray Leinster

A collection of the trend-setting stories of "the Dean of Science Fiction" which opened and explored such topics as first contact with aliens, the Internet, transfers among parallel universes, and many more. This collection contains 24 stories covering the full spectrum of Leinster's career.

Included are such classic early works as "Proxima Centauri," "First Contact," and one of the earliest alternate timeline stories, "Sidewise in Time." Included are "Keyhole," "De Profundis," and a story written in 1945 that anticipated the Internet, "A Logic Named Joe." The Hugo Award-winning "Exploration Team" was the inspiration for our full-color cover art by Hannibal King. Also, here for the first time are "The Great Catastrophe," his lost pulp epic, and the inspiring "To All Fat Policemen."

There is a four-page introduction by renowned author Hal Clement.

Solaris by Stanisław Lem

A classic work of science fiction by renowned Polish novelist and satirist Stanislaw Lem.

When Kris Kelvin arrives at the planet Solaris to study the ocean that covers its surface, he finds a painful, hitherto unconscious memory embodied in the living physical likeness of a long-dead lover.

Others examining the planet, Kelvin learns, are plagued with their own repressed and newly corporeal memories.

The Solaris ocean may be a massive brain that creates these incarnate memories, though its purpose in doing so is unknown, forcing the scientists to shift the focus of their quest and wonder if they can truly understand the universe without first understanding what lies within their hearts.

Tales of the Grotesque: a collection of Uneasy Tales by L.A. Lewis

Collects together ten short supernatural stories published in 1934  by Lewis and is the author's only book. Reprinted in 1994 by the Ghost Story Press in a limited print run of 300 copies. Steven Stapleton’s cover artwork is out there...

A highly rated work, collects the original ten stories plus “The Author’s Tale”, which appeared in a couple of horror anthologies in the ‘30s, a dark piece describing how a man’s attempt to get revenge on an ungrateful and unfaithful wife brings about a nightmarish experience. Among the original set of stories, is “Hybrid”, a strong, very disturbing portrait of a man possessed by an alien, evil creature and “The Child”, a sinister ghost story where ancient tragedies and past horrors return to haunt the present.