We've been collecting and reading SF/fantasy/horror since the 80's and Wyrdbooks as a website has been around since 2015. Initially set up as a potential alternate outlet for selling surplus inventory it's organically grown into the catalogue for our collection. We do sell books, and please purchase from us - we need the space!, but we're collectors first and foremost.

Stephen King noted that 'hobby' was just another word for obsession - we totally get that! So the rational behind a lot of books we have collected over the years isn't easy to explain - sometimes we just wanted them!

The collection began with paperback copies of books we got for the sole purpose of reading wherever we could find them, and at the start there weren't that many options available, SF and fantasy weren't exactly mainstream back in the early eighties as they are now. So we began with the 'classics' that were readily available in second hand book stores (budget being very limited) and over time and thanks to the rise of the internet  - eBay was a godsend for collectors - we got more exposure and the paperbacks became hardcovers and the authors more specific.

Today we have a mixed bag of thousands of books - all SF/ Fantasy  or horror - but we now tend to try and limit our purchases to modern first editions of interest or high end editions of noteworthy books. (Note the word was 'try'). Space is not our friend though and we have passed the mark of having display shelves to just maximising the shelves to hold as may books as possible, which is a shame. But we still dream of having that massive library someday when we win the lottery.

Generally we collect based on authors we like, but we also find that some publishers are printing books that deserve pride of place and if at all possible, matching a favourite author with a fine publisher is the most rewarding, an example of this would be Joe Abercrombie and Subterranean Press. The catalogue will show the authors in greater detail but the following list is those publishers that we tend to follow:


The publishing arm of the New England SF Association which has a long history with the SF community publishing the majority of the author's 'guest of honour' volumes for events such as the World SF Convention. Although individual novels are published the majority seem to be series or collections of novellas and short stories. Hefty, well bound books.

Standouts include the now very pricey 'Once More with Footnotes' by the late Terry Pratchett, The Collected Short Stories of Roger Zelazny, Martians and Madness by Fredric Brown, The Best of James H. Schmitz and the current Collected Short Stories of Poul Anderson.  

Haffner Press

A US based publisher which specialises in golden age SF and crime. Haffner have a number of series underway ranging from authors such as Jack Williamson, Edmond Hamilton and Henry Kuttner. These are very well presented books, great quality and usually fairly heavy. The more we get the more we want but publishing seems to be very slow, like years of waiting for advertised forthcoming titles.

Subterranean Press

By far our favourite publisher, since they started in 1995 Subterranean have dominated the small press publishing field in SF, Fantasy and Weird fiction. The range of authors from Abercrombie to Scalzi, the quality of the books (which are works of art) and the affordability (note these guys aren't cheap but reasonable given the finished item) have consistantly won our support over the years.

If you want to own an impressive book then you must get the Subterranean edition if available. You will find many a Subterranean edition throughout our collection (yeah!) and it is recommended that if you want to get books from this Press then do so prepublication as many books are sold out prerelease due to most being limited editions. Thereafter the market will add a premium almost on release.

Centipede Press

Another US based small press that does a stellar job of publishing distinctive volumes. We have slowly been building up our stock of their books over time. They have a  great and sometimes quirky newsletter with upcoming titles. Volumes of note from Centipede would include the rare Stephen King 'Salem's Lot' which is just a huge book, the amazing 'Anubis Gates' edition and the wonderful 'Book of the New Sun' volumes. All unique and stunning.

PS Publishing

A UK based publisher that has had a long term arrangement with Sub Press, they specialise in UK horror but also do a really great set of Stephen King limited editions which we have been collecting for some time.

ERB Press

The Edgar Rice Burroughs Press is a relative new comer and specialises in yep, all things Burroughs. They are republishing classic novels as limited editions and these are amazing. Check out our Burroughs page for more.

Suntup Editions

Rapidly becoming a major player is this US based letterpress publisher. Noted for printing three editions of each novel  (typically one or two per month) an artist edition with dust jacket, asigned numbered edition sans jacket and the very pricey lettered state. These are expensive books but wow!

SST Publications

A UK based small press that specialises in horror

Lividian Publications

Another US based press that specialises in horror, in particular Joe Hill novels

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