Easton Press


Most specialist publishers will release the individual leather volume here and there, but surely the largest producer of high quality leather books in the SF and Fantasy genre must be the Easton Press. Easton is a US based publisher that runs a subscription service or allows individual purchases. A note here is that not all books are available for international sale (can be very frustrating). Easton Press books are all leather, with smyth-sewn bindings on acid free, gilt edged paper. 

Over the years Easton Press has produced a number of collectors sets that one could subscribe too, the most common was 'The Masterpieces of Science Fiction' series, which comprised a base set (refer to the pamphlet at the bottom of the page) of 71 books that subscribers received monthly. There is no definative total list we’ve found to date, the best guess on all the titles in this series is probably around 139 .The was a fairly short lived 'Masterpieces of Fantasy' series as well as the 'Signed First Editions of Science Fiction' series. Easton now seems to focus on individual titles or sets such as the Tolkein classics and has started a Deluxe series featuring classic novels that are illustrated and signed/ limited, these are really something.

An undated subscribers list.