Venture SF

Venture Science Fiction, or as it was better known, Venture SF was hailed by Arrow Books as "a new publishing imprint to bring you the very best in adventure SF.  Time travel, galactic empires, alien invasions - all the traditional elements that have made science fiction the most exciting form of literature of the 20th century.  In Venture SF, we'll be bringing you novels of action adventure - no short stories, no fantasy, no boredom.  If action adventure SF is your type of reading, then Venture SF is for you - every book published by us will be the first appearance in paperback in the UK.  We'll be publishing one new book every month - Start collecting them now!"

Twenty-five volumes were issued in total over a four and a half year period. None of them had been published before in paperback format in the UK, and for many it was their first British appearance.  The series was edited by Rog Peyton and Rod Milner of Andromeda Books (the late, but great, bookshop in Birmingham) and the cover illustrations were all painted by artist Eddie Jones.  Some of the 25 cover illustrations were originals painted for friends and conventions, while others had been used previously for other books and magazines.

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