Gollancz Yellow Jackets

Victor Gollancz established his publishing house's brand with a simple bold typeface and distinctive yellow jacket. Individually ugly (seriously yellow?) but if you have ever needed to scour a library in the eighties looking for good SF then those yellow jackets were beacons of hope. Over the years we've accumulated a few of these and once you have a full shelf they actually look great! Given that a number of these books were the true UK first editions some of these are highly prized, examples that spring to mind would be Ringworld or Necromancer. 

In addition to the yellow jackets, Gollancz has a number of other series - primarily the 'Masterworks' series which is extensive, available in mixed formats but the pictorial dust jacketed hardcovers are the most desirable. We have wanted to get into collecting these but frankly the prized editions are now so pricey that we can't. If you have a reasonably priced set for sale, let us know!