Assorted Series & Sets

Nothing pleases a collector more than a set of matching books or a completed set on a their shelves, we are no exception. Here are the smaller sets we have to date, we’re sure there will be more to come… 

Gollancz Black Books:

Gollancz have also published a series of titles under the "Gollancz Black Books' series. These have been published randomly over years - there are six to date, all in black 'leather' with gilt titles, not on a par of Easton Press but still impressive volumes. The focus appears to be past greats and since we love Robert E. Howard these flagged for us.




Classics of Modern Science Fiction:

Crown published a nice set of ten ‘classic’ books - pocket size hard covers that are hard to find as a complete set. The Ward Moore was particularly difficult.



Voyager Anniversary Set:

Voyager published five of its bestsellers in Australia to commemorate their 15th year. Of note is that the copy right for 'Game of Thrones' states Robin Hobb (oops).



Omnibus Editions:

Often seen at used book sales are the Heinemann/Octopus omnibus editions with their distinctive wraparound banner. These cover a number of genres but there have been a few in the SF/Fantasy group. Some are quite scarce to get now, whilst the Frank Herbert edition is found everywhere. Large volumes, mostly bound in faux leather, they make for an imposing book shelf.