Poul Anderson:

Poul Anderson won seven Hugos and three Nebulas over his career. He was named "A Grand Master" by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America in 1998. A writer of both SF and fantasy he was a published author from the late nineteen forties thought the turn of the century. His character Dominic Flandry, a 'James Bond’ type character is a lot of fun and is the central character of the second half of Anderson’s huge Technic Civilisation History.

Poul Anderson - The Technic Civilisation Saga

Ensign Flandry

In this reissue from iBook we come across Ensign Dominic Flandry, a 19-year-old recent graduate of the Terran Naval Academy for whom the galaxy is a harsh place. That is of course until he finds himself on the mission of a life-time when he is recruited by Commander Max Goldstein, of Earth Intelligence and assigned to infiltrate the Draconian Empire and steal their military secrets. There's only one problem, through the underhand work of unseen powers he is branded a traitor and finds himself hunted by both his masters on Earth and the Draconian secret police.

A James Bond style hero of the future these novels featuring Dominic Flandry, which have been out of print in the UK for over 20 years will be welcomed by Anderson's legion of fans and bring him to the attention of a whole new generation of readers.

EDITION: First iBook print. 2003


BINDING:  Paperback - B- Format

CONDITION: The book is in very good condition, clean text block.

Tau Zero

The epic voyage of the spacecraft Leonora Christine will take her and her fifty-strong crew to a planet some thirty light-years distant. But, because the ship will accelerate to close to the speed of light, for those on board subjective time will slow and the journey will be of only a few years' duration.

Then a buffeting by an interstellar dustcloud changes everything. The ship's deceleration system is damaged irreperably and soon she is gaining velocity. When she attains light-speed, tau zero itself, the disparity between ship-time and external time becomes almost impossibly great. Eons and galaxies hurtle by, and the crew of the Leonora Christine speeds into the unknown.

PUBLISHER: Easton Press

The Winter of the World

Thousands of years from now, after a new Ice Age has reduced our world to frozen ruins, new civilizations and cultures arise from the Ice. But as the people of tomorrow slowly uncover the lost technology of the past, they also rediscover war, conquest, diplomacy...and betrayal.

While the might Rahidain-Barammian Empire expands across the globe, Josserek Derrain, uncover agent for the freedom-loving Seafolk, must find a way to save his people from the Empire's grasp. His best hope is an alliance with the Rogaviki, a wild and nomadic race whose women are rumored to cast an unbreakable spell on any man who dares seek them out.

Between barbarians and aristocrats, spied and soldiers, the battle lines are drawn in the ultimate conflict to determine who will rule over...The Winter of the World.

Doubleday - Bookclub edition hardcover

The High Crusade

In the year of grace 1345, as Sir Roger Baron de Tourneville is gathering an army to join King Edward III in the war against France, a most astonishing event occurs: a huge silver ship descends through the sky and lands in a pasture beside the little village of Ansby in northeastern Lincolnshire. The Wersgorix, whose scouting ship it is, are quite expert at taking over planets, and having determined from orbit that this one was suitable, they initiate standard world-conquering procedure. Ah, but this time it's no mere primitives the Wersgorix seek to enslave; they've launched their invasion against free Englishmen!

In the end, only one alien is left alive; and Sir Roger's grand vision is born. He intends for the creature to fly the ship first to France to aid his King, then on to the Holy Land to vanquish the infidel. Unfortunately, he has not allowed for the treachery of the alien pilot, who instead takes the craft to his home planet, where, he thinks, these upstart barbarians will have no choice but to surrender. But that knavish alien little understands the indomitable will and clever resourcefulness of Englishmen, no matter how great the odds against them. . .

Doubleday - Bookclub edition hardcover


In the immeasurable past a mysterious alien race known as The Others left mankind a challenging legacy, a 'gate' to the unexplored reaches of the stars. Humanity has utilized the gate to painstakingly colonize the Phoebus star system but has left the rest of the galaxy unexplored. In the midst of turbulent political upheaval on Earth, the exploratory ship Emissary leaves through the gate on a voyage of discovery. When the Emissary returns ahead of schedule the Social Welfare Party on Earth impounds the ship and imprisons its crew - and forbids all future space exploration.

Dan Broderson, an entrepreneur and adventurer, commandeers a commercial spaceship from his own company and travels to Earth to find the Emissary. He locates the ship, confounds its captors and rescues some of the explorers, including the first alien to visit the solar system. But Broderson has to flee through the gate unprepared, to become a wanderer among the stars in search of The Others. They alone have the knowledge that will enable his ship to return home.

EDITION: Book club

PUBLISHER: Readers Union

For Love or Glory

Lissa, a human Earth woman, and her partner, “Karl,” a giant alien academic who resembles a Tyrannosaur, are interstellar archaeologists investigating the remote and uncharted planet Jonna. There, they seem to have hit the jackpot. For on that distant world they’ve discovered an immense artifact that may have been left by the mysterious beings called the Forerunners. This race predated all the known cultures in the starfaring galaxy and vanished long before any other intelligent species had taken to the stars.

But Lissa and Karl aren’t the first to have made the discovery on Jonna. On the far-off world the archaeologists cross paths with the two freebooters whose plans for motives towards the arcane object are not purely scientific. Their discovery may be the best-preserved relic of the ancient beings yet found. Other artifacts from the Forerunners—once reverse engineered—have revolutionized entire fields of technology, reaping huge financial rewards. If the same holds true for this newest discovery, Lissa realizes, only she and Karl stand between the seemingly friendly freebooters and what could be the treasure of a lifetime.

EDITION: First edition, first print

First edition hardcover

First edition hardcover

First edition hardcover

First edition hardcover

First edition hardcover

First edition hardcover

First edition hardcover

First edition hardcover

First edition hardcover

First edition hardcover

First edition hardcover

First edition hardcover

The Polesotechnic League is dissolved in 2550. The Commonwealth collapses in the 27th Century, and a new Terran Empire arises around 2700. (Some stories use the term "Terrestrial Empire" instead.)

The main character of the Terran Empire sequence is Dominic Flandry, an officer in the Terran (Space) Navy Intelligence Corps.  These stories are set in the 31st century. (Again, a number of stories occur in this sequence without Dominic Flandry.) This series of stories has very much a military and espionage flavour. Flandry has lots of adventures, often barely escaping with his life. A significant feature of these stories is the romantic relationships he has with various women. (Often these romances end in disappointment for one or other of the parties.) But always he has in mind the protection of the Terran Empire, especially under the threat of the Merseian Roidhunate. And he is attempting to delay the "Long Night", the eventual collapse of the Empire, and the period of anarchy to follow.

There are seven books in the BAEN series , only the first two were published in hardcover, this set is missing the fourth book - 'Young Flandry' as we cannot find a large format paperback to date. 'Young Flandry' includes the first Flandry novel - 'Ensign Flandry' of which we have the stunning iBook paperback edition.

EDITION: All First editions


BINDING: Hardcovers with Dust Jackets and large format paperbacks which have laminated covers.

BAEN published the entire collection of Poul Anderson's extensive future in chronological order for the first time under the above title.

This series is set in the future, over the period from 2055 - 7100. Humans have spread throughout the stars and encountered other sentient beings, so there is now an interstellar civilisation.

In the 22nd Century, a loose government of the human worlds is established called the Solar Commonwealth. During the period in which the Commonwealth exists, in the 23rd Century, the Polesotechnic League is formed: an interstellar league of trading companies, independent of the planetary governments and the Commonwealth.

The main characters of the Polesotechnic League sequence are Nicholas van Rijn and David Falkayn (although interspersed in this sequence are stories without either character). These stories are set in the 25th century.

Nicholas van Rijn is the head of a trading company called the Solar Spice & Liquors Company. He prefers to stay at home on Earth, and send out trader teams, but sometimes finds it necessary to visit other planets in person. He has a quirky way of speaking, using not quite correct English (the language is actually referred to as Anglic at this point in the future), into which he inserts some foreign words, and includes frequent puns and malapropisms.

David Falkayn is a younger son from a noble family on the planet Hermes. He gets expelled from militechnic college for some prank. So he goes to Earth and becomes apprentice to Master Trader Martin Schuster of the Polesotechnic League.

Later (from the story "The Trouble Twisters" onwards), Falkayn becomes an employee of Nicholas van Rijn, and is the leader of a trader team which goes out to little-known planets in search of trade opportunities. The other members of his team are Chee Lan, a small female cat-like being from the planet Cynthia, with silky white fur and a quick temper, and Adzel, a large male dragon-like being from the planet Woden, who despite his appearance is quite peaceful, and has adopted Buddhism. Their spaceship is called Muddlin' Through, and the ship's computer is called Muddlehead.

The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson published by NESFA Press:

This multi-volume series (seven volumes to date) includes the very best of the short works by Poul Anderson, including all of his Hugo and Nebula nominated and winning short stories.

The series was started with“Call Me Joe”

A number of people have contacted NESFA about an apparent similarity between “Call Me Joe” and the film “Avatar”. The Estate was notified of this. We have no further information. Great Bob Eggleton illustration though..