Brian W.Aldiss:

Brian W. Aldiss was an English writer and anthologies editor, best known for science fiction novels and short stories. Aldiss was named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America in 2000 and inducted by the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2004. He received two Hugo Awards, one Nebula Award, and one John W. Campbell Memorial Award. His influential works include the short story “Super-Toys Last All Summer Long,” the basis for the Stanley Kubrick-developed Steven Spielberg film A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

We enjoy his short stories, and the Joe Bodenland novels which we start with here, but his non-SF/fantasy doesn’t do it for us. We have a few signed books.

Frankenstein Unbound:

Joe Bodenland, a 21st century American, passes through a timeslip and finds himself with Byron and Shelley in the famous villa on the shore of Lake Geneva. More fantastically, he finds himself face to face with a real Frankenstein, a doppelgänger inhabiting a complex world where fact and fiction may as easily have congress as Bodenland himself manages to make love to Mary Shelley. This title was made into a film, starring John Hurt, Raul Julia, Bridget Fonda, Jason Patric and Michael Hutchence.

Dracula Unbound

When Bram Stoker was writing his famous novel, Dracula, at the end of the 19th century he received a visitor named Joe Bodenland. While the real Count Dracula came from the distant past, Bodenland arrived from Stoker's future, on a desperate mission to save humanity from the Undead.

In the barren dust of the far future, the sun leaks energy in a darkening sky and the only remaining humans are imprisoned by spectral, bloodthirsty beings. Back in the brilliant Utah sunlight of 1999, two ancient graves yield evidence that a species of human coexisted with the dinosaurs . . .

We have both the UK and US firdst edition hardcovers in very good condition.


After the "Accident," all males on earth become sterile. Society ages and falls apart bit by bit. First toy companies go under. Then record companies. Then cities cease to function. Now earth's population lives in spread-out, isolated villages, with its youngest members in their 50's. When the people of Sparcot begin to make claims of gnomes and man-eating rodents lurking around their village, Greybeard and his wife set out for the coast with the hope of finding something better.

A well regarded post apocalyptic novel.

First edition, first print. 1964

Harcourt, Brace & World

Hardcover in very good condition, clean text block. The dust jacket is in good condition, clean but chipped on spine and the fold edge on the front cover.

The Shape of Further Things

In this provocative volume, Brian Aldiss seeks to recapture some of the strands of his life, using an elaborate tapestry to do do: on a basic diary form, he works alternately back into the past and forward into the future; the realities of our world alternate with the unrealities of fantasy.

The result is an autobiography spanning one month – a month in the life of a speculative writer. Dominant topics include the Moon as real estate, the role of technology, the growth of science fiction in Britain, the possible part that education could play in enriching our lives, and the theories on the brain and the nature of dreams originated by Dr Christopher Evans.

First edition, first print. 1970, Faber. Hardcover in very good condition, clean text block. The dust jacket is good.

The Canopy of Time

An eleven story collection, the stories revised from their original appearances, and with linked commentary. Originally a chronicle-novel of the future inset with stories, this version contains only the stories. Canopy is a vision of a depopulated earth which eventually becomes the centre of a civilised – but disposable – galaxy.

Aldiss’s subjects are the traditional ones of human love and aspiration – even his class-conscious robots in ‘Who Can Replace a Man?’ are oddly human – his originality lies in the use of time as an active participant in his stories. So here we find lovers defying the Mating Centre, the man who believed himself to be the Messiah, the film director who came too near to a city’s secrets, and – in the last and longest story – a conqueror who found only shadows to greet him.

Faber & Faber, 1969, third reprint hardcover  in very good condition in like dust jacket

Barefoot in the Head - signed

When an undeclared Acid Head War breaks out, Britain is the first to be devastated by Psycho-Chemical Aerosols--tasteless, odourless, colourless psychedelic drugs, which distort the minds of thousands of civilians into extreme terror or extreme joy. When the warped citizens of Europe proclaim Colin Charteris their hero, he finds himself leading an unfathomable crusade in a devastated world.

Perhaps Aldiss's most experimental work, this first appeared in several parts as the 'Acid Head War' series in New Worlds. Set in a Europe some years after a flare-up in the Middle East led to Europe being attacked with bombs releasing huge quantities of long-lived hallucinogenic drugs. Into an England with a population barely maintaining a grip on reality comes a young Serb, who himself starts coming under the influence of the ambient aerosols and finds himself leading a messianic crusade.

This copy signed, inscribed and dated - Sydney ’78

First edition, first print. 1969

Faber and Faber. Hardcover in very good condition, clean text block. The dust jacket is in very good condition

The Moment of Eclipse

There's No Time Like the Future...

... and here Brian W. Aldiss proves it brilliantly in fourteen stories of devastating power. From outrageous satire to haunting fantasy, the renowned author of such science fiction classics as Greybeard and Hothouse displays his unmatched talent for creating tales that illuminate times-to-come with the disconcerting intensity of a cobalt bomb's heat-flash...

It won the BSFA award in 1971. It’s a collection of fourteen short stories he wrote between 1967 to 1970. It includes ‘Super-Toys Last All Summer Long’ which was the inspiration for the movie ‘A.I.’

First edition, first print. 1970, Faber. Hardcover in very good condition, clean text block. The dust jacket is good.

Aldiss Unbound - signed

An examination of the career of this science fiction and fantasy author as part of the Milford Series on authors.

Written by Richard Mathews, this 64 page booklet has been signed by Brian and Richard Mathews.

Easton hardcover edition

The Centipede signed limited edition.

This new edition of Frankenstein Unbound features striking dustjacket art. It has a new introduction by fellow British New Wave pioneer Michael Moorcock. The book is oversize at 6½ × 10 inches .

First edition, first print. 1973. Jonathan Cape

Hardcover with dust jacket

The book is in good condition.

Age spotted page edges, clean text block.

The dust jacket is worn.


In this science fiction classic, we are transported millions of years from now, to the boughs of a colossal banyan tree that covers one face of the globe. The last remnants of humanity are fighting for survival, terrorised by the carnivorous plants and the grotesque insect life.

Known in America as 'The Long Afternoon of Earth', ‘Hothouse' by Brian Aldiss was written originally as five (rather long) short stories and appeared in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction — something we collect by the way.

This sequence of tales deservedly won Aldiss a Hugo award in 1962 and soon appeared as a book, more or less stitched together to form a continuous novel.

A Romance of the Equator

A fine retrospective, featuring 26 variations, 1960-89, this is a companion volume to Aldiss' splendid Best Science Fiction Stories (Man in his Time, 1989). Maybe, Aldiss jokes in deadpan British style, he should next put together a Best Nondescript Stories. As before the foundation of Aldiss' success is his impeccable technique coupled with his rare knack of creating believable characters and projecting them into bizarre and disturbing but in some way logical situations.

Only one story here, "Old Hundredth," is truly famous (it also appears frequently as science fiction, so perhaps it's all a matter of interpretation), and, like many of the entries here, its complexity defeats easy characterization. The themes are more straightforward--though routine fantasy elements like elves, dragons, swards, and so forth, are notably absent--and dwell on art and its creation, the psychology thereof, the conflict between past and future, medicine, God and playing God, the past and its imprint on the present, love in all its guises, and the nature of evil

First edition, first print. 1989.Gollancz

Hardcover with dust jacket

The book is in very good condition, clean text block. The dust jacket is in very good condition.

Helliconia Trilogy

Helliconia is a planet that, due to the massively eccentric orbit of its own sun around another star, experiences seasons that lasts eons. Whole civilisations grow in the Spring, flourish in the Summer and then die in the brutal winters. The human-like inhabitants have been profoundly changed by their experience of this harsh cycle.

In orbit above the planet a terran mission struggles to observe and understand the effects on society of such a massive climatic impact.

Massive, thoroughly researched, minutely organised, full of action, pulp references and deep drama this is a classic trilogy.

Hardcover edition

Easton hardcover edition

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